Timeout waiting for ACK

This article is for all versions of Amanda Enterprise (AE)

Amanda Enterprise uses a client/server architecture. On the client a process is run to monitor for incoming connections using the native system listening service.

Linux ClientsAmanda uses the xinetd service to listen on port 10080. To resolve this issue, restart the xinetd service and verify incoming connections are working.

  • # service xinetd restart
  • # telnet localhost 10080
  • # netstat -an | grep 10080 tcp 0 0* LISTEN

If the service is listening, a connection will open and idle for 30 seconds before closing. In addition, a log file will be created at the default log location on the client: /var/log/amanda/amandad

Windows ClientsThe Amanda client on Windows is known as the Zmanda Windows Client or the ZWC. Under the Services panel, a Service is created which listens on port 10080 for incoming connections. Under the Services panel it will appear as either ZWC Service, or Carbonite Service, depending on the version.

  • Restart this service by right-clicking on ZWC/Carbonite Service and selecting ‘Restart’ from the menu.