Server validation Failed for Windows client

  • This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE)

Issue Symptoms

Amanda Backup Client Hosts Check
ERROR: Server validation Failed. Please register server with client.
Client check: 1 host checked in 0.110 seconds. 1 problem found.

Issue Description

The Amanda server is not listed on the client as an authorized Backup Server.


Zmanda Windows Client configuration utility (ZWC Config Utility) can be used to register the Amanda server with the Windows client:

  1. Open the ZWC Config Utility from the Start menu: Start > All Programs > Zmanda > Zmanda Client for Windows > ZWC Config Utility.
  2. Select the “Server” tab.
  3. Enter the Server Name or IP Address of the Amanda server and click “Add Server”.
  4. Exit the utility. The ZWC Service must be restarted for changes to take effect and thus will be prompted to restart the ZWC Service. Answer “Yes” if no backup nor restore is in progress.

For ZWC 2.6.3 and earlier

  1. Login to the Windows client.
  2. Explore to “C:Program Files\Zmanda\Zmanda Client for Windows\bin” directory.
  3. Double click “ZWCConfig.exe” to open the configuration utility.
  4. Click on the Server tab.
  5. Key in the amanda server name and ip address.
  6. Click Add Server.
  7. Click Exit.

Now you need to restart the ZWC Service on windows client. Please follow the steps as show below:

  1. Go to Administrative tools under Control Panel.
  2. Click on Services.
  3. Find the “ZWC Service” and restart it.