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Contact our Sales Team for information & special offers

Zmanda is here to assist you in your journey of selecting the simple, flexible, reliable, and powerful solutions that deliver modern data protection.

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“Zmanda guarantees end to end data integrity and easy storage. They provide fixes for our issues and respond very quickly every time.“

Marcin Mazurek
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“We have a stable system always updated. We sleep well.“

Leonardo Corato
ICT manager at VDP Fonderia

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Frequently Asked Questions

The time taken to deploy Zmanda depends on the required configuration. Using virtual appliances and containers, we can set up the backup server in less than 10 minutes. The clients on endpoints can be deployed in a couple of hours. If you have a large environment with thousands of endpoints, we provide bulk deployment services to install the clients in 1 to 2 days.

Yes, you will receive 24*7 Premium Support during your trial. You can email your query to us at or call us at 888-496-2632 (US) and 408-732-3208 (INTL). The support team is also reachable via this form.

Yes, Zmanda is an enterprise-grade product of Amanda, which stands for Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver. Amanda was founded at the University of Maryland's Computer Science Department.

Zmanda's core competency is backing up your data from endpoints to a storage medium of your choice. Zmanda doesn't hold your data in transit either. Thus during outages, if your offsite storage medium is safe, you can easily rebuild your data infrastructure at a different destination.

Yes, Zmanda has a cluster feature that enables users to manage multiple backup servers in a single UI, the Zmanda Management Console.