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Zmanda for Virtual Environments

Zmanda is a pioneer in data protection of your virtual environments. It has set a high standard for comprehensive backup and recovery solutions.

Zmanda for Virtual Environments

Zmanda’s Advanced Protection for Your Virtual Environments

Simplified Licensing for VMware Infrastructure

Zmanda Client for VMware vSphere and ESXi uses vStorage API to directly communicate with ESXi. Its core strength is in allowing you to protect an unlimited number of VMs on each of your hypervisors.

VMware vSphere client is built into Zmanda Backup Appliance (ZBA). It's a pre-loaded VM, licensed and configured with Zmanda EBR to help back up all virtual machines running on the same hypervisor as the appliance. Zmanda Backup Appliance is a cost-effective alternative, versus licensing for each virtual machine in the

Enjoy complete control over all your VM backups with Zmanda!

Virtual Environment - simplified licensing for VMware infrastructure
Zmanda provides forever incremental backups for all Virtual environments, eliminating your need for full backups everytime.

Zmanda leverages snapshot-based backup and Changed Block Tracking (CBT) to reduces backup sizes & minimize network load. This combination not only enhances scan efficiency but also ensures that only the incremental changes since the last backup are captured.

Elevated to a New Level of Power and Simplicity

Zmanda is affordable, reliable, and a one-stop solution to safeguard your virtual environment.

Advanced End-to-End restore

VM can be fully recovered to the original ESXi server or even to a different ESXi server which exponentially simplifies the disaster recovery process.

Ensures Full Data Integrity

Zmanda uses the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to back up the Hyper-V virtual machines. This provides reliable backups, offering no disruption to users, even when VMs and applications are in use.

Selective Restore of VM Disks

Recover just the disks you need or even just the VM configuration. Flexibility is baked in to help you successfully achieve your recovery objectives.

Full Backup Management Features

Leverage all features of Amanda Enterprise with your VM backups: Compression, Encryption, Retention Policy Control, Monitoring, Reporting, and so much more.

RPO less than an hour

Zmanda for Microsoft Hyper-V offers no disruptions to users, and backups VMs data without affecting its overall performance. This improves RPO & helps in disaster orchestration planning.

Simple and Reliable Solution

Zmanda is a simple and reliable backup solution that manages any data protection and disaster recovery task. Our client for Microsoft Hyper V is easy to integrate and effortlessly backups data, aiding IT teams in disaster recovery.

Cutting-Edge Microsoft Hyper-V Backups

Providing the simplest solution for your virtual environments

Equipped with innovative features, Zmanda’s Hyper-V backup has raised the bar high for upcoming disaster recovery solutions.

Hyper-V client uses the Saved State Method as its default backup mechanism. In this method, the VM is put into a saved state during snapshot processing. Snapshots of the appropriate volumes are taken, and the VM is returned to the previous state as part of the post-snapshot event.

We also support the Child VM Snapshot method, which uses the VSS writers inside the Hyper-V child virtual machine to participate in the backup. This ensures that backups happen when the system is online, and due to the nature of the Child VM Snapshot, this backup process is application-aware.

Virtual Environment - cutting edge hyper v backups

We chose Zmanda, as it seemed like a perfect solution for us.

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“With Zmanda, our enterprise customers have award-winning reliable product lines with best-in-class support.”

Ashok Reddy



“Disaster Recovery for us means providing a solution which securely protects your critical workloads and also instantly recovers it irrespective of the nature of the disaster, ensuring Business Continuity.”

Pavan Raj

Director, Zmanda

Awards & Recognition

Our award-winning Zmanda is the world’s leading provider of open source backup and recovery software. Our simple-to-use and feature-rich backup software are endowed with multiple awards by top-notch services and organizations.


US Homeland Security Certified


Awarded 'Favorite Backup Solution' by Linux Journal


Awarded ‘MySQL Partner of the Year’

Global Leader in Data Protection

Zmanda has been a trusted and reliable backup solution over the last decade. It is designed to help IT teams create flexible yet scalable backup policies for their IT environments.

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