How to run support script for NBU-MySQL running on Linux platforms

This article is for NBU Agent for MySQL

The NBU-MySQL support script should be run on the MySQL server to generate a file containing logs and other information needed by support to troubleshoot technical issues.

  1. Log in as root to the MySQL server where NBU-MySQL agent is running.
  2. Edit /opt/nbu-mysql/etc/mysql-zrm/<YourBackupSetName>/mysql-zrm.conf and add the following line as its own line and save the file:verbose="1"
  3. Reproduce the reported problem.
  4. Run /opt/nbu-mysql/bin/nbu-mysql-support script to collect log and server information:# /opt/nbu-mysql/bin/nbu-mysql-support
  5. Please ftp the generated file to Zmanda’s FTP site. Please update your support case to let us know the name of the file(s) uploaded.
  6. Make sure to provide as much information as possible about the problem you are having including any error messages you may be seeing and a description of what you are attempting to do when the error message occurs.
  7. Remember to disable verbose logging once the issue is resolved.