How to send files to the Zmanda Support Team

This article is for all Zmanda Products

Zmanda’s ticket system can accept messages with attachments (either via reply email or updating via the support portal) totaling less than 10 MB. For larger files, we provide a customer-facing FTP server. To upload, you must log in using the following credentials:

Notes on Usage

Please update your support case with the filename(s) of anything uploaded. The Support Team are not automatically alerted of uploads to the FTP site, and uploaded files are not automatically associated with open cases.

  • Connect to the FTP server using an FTP client. For example:
  • Use a passive connection (PASV mode) to connect to the FTP server.
  • The contents of the anonymous-upload directory cannot be listed, even after a successful file upload. The Support Team will alert you if your file(s) did not arrive as expected.
  • The anonymous-upload account forbids creating directories. Attempting to create a directory will return a permission denied error. If you need to upload many files at once, please pack them into a tarball or a zip archive for upload as a single file.
  • The Support Team will not have immediate access to the uploaded file(s). Please allow 15 minutes after successful upload.
  • If you experience any problems uploading to the FTP site, please update your support case or email