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Zmanda Pro vs. Acronis

Enjoy enterprise-grade backup solution with Zmanda Pro at less than 50% TCO in comparison to Acronis. We license by workload -- this pricing model drastically reduces expenses in comparison to Acronis’ pay -by-the-gig model.

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Bypass the backup blues
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Entire enterprise data
backup, including M365

Less than 1-hour
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Product Description Zmanda Pro Acronis

Licensing & Pricing

50%+ TCO savings compared to the competition


2x industry average NPS
24x7 premium support
Professional services and training


Easy to administer with modern UX
15-minute deployments with scalable scripting & registration
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Business continuity? Think Zmanda.

  • Complete set of backup features: data protection, security, recovery, and disaster recovery, for hybrid cloud environments.
  • Eliminates the need for periodic full backups after the initial one to speed up backup processes.
  • Excludes redundant copies of data from your backups for storage optimization.
  • Our single pane of glass solution ensures zero backup complexity. Monitor, automate and make changes to the backup processes from a single location.
  • Industry-leading encryption and compliance standards, keeping your sensitive information secure against all threats.

Let’s evaluate a common deployment to prove Zmanda Pro is more cost-effective than Acronis.

  1. 200TB of production data backed up to Managed Cloud
  2. 5% physical server/ file share
  3. 10% annual data growth

Production data
200 TB

Annual data growth

Physical server/file share

Compare your savings:
Zmanda Pro vs. Acronis

Price comparison details

Zmanda Pro pricing

Acronis pricing

No. of Resources Total 1-Year Cost Total 3-Year Cost Total 5-Year Cost
Physical Server 5
Zmanda Enterprise License
Managed Cloud Storage 200 TB
200 TB
Total Zmanda Pro
Total Acronis


Reduce your backup bills, starting today

In many other deployment scenarios like the above, the numbers come out similarly with Zmanda, saving you right around 50% while still delivering the features that matter.

It isn’t a surprise that you’ll have to pay extra for additional security features or trap your backups in an ever-changing pricing model & limited storage with Acronis. But with Zmanda, you get straightforward pricing—no surprises, only cost savings—and 24/7 support.

If you are looking to reduce your backup bills with predictable pricing, Zmanda Pro is the answer!

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