Backup failed: mysqldump: Got errno 28 on write

This article is for Zmanda Recovery Manager For MySQL.

Issue Symptoms

mysqldump: Got errno 28 on write
ERROR: mysqldump command did not succeed.
Command used is mysqldump --opt --extended-insert --single-transaction --default-character-set=utf8 --create-options --user=root --password=***** --databases .... > "/var/lib/mysql-zrm/dailyrun2/20061101140140/backup.sql"
INFO: backup-status=Backup failed
INFO: Backup failed
ERROR: /usr/bin/mysql-zrm did not finish successfully

Issue Description

This error means that sufficient disk space is not available to do backups.


Please check the free space available in the filesystem used for backups (default is /var/lib/mysql-zrm directory in the machine running ZRM for MySQL).

Add additional disk space to the filesystem and re-run the ZRM for MySQL backup for the backup set.