System State Restore Failed

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE)

Info Type: Restore Error

Issue Symptoms

Output: ERROR: Machine not rebooted after previous System State Restore. Please reboot your machine. If the problem still persists delete the ZWCTempRestore* files from “$SystemRoot$system32config” directory Error restoring the selected files System State Restore Failed

Issue Description

During System State restore, temporary files are created in $SystemRoot$system32config directory. These files are deleted upon rebooting the machine. However, there could be times when these files do not get deleted due to Operating System issues. It is not advisable to restore the System State of a machine if these temporary files are present. Hence ZWC returns the above message while restoring System State.


The temporary files with the name ZWCTempRestore* are hidden files created in the $SystemRoot$system32config directory. Delete these files and retry the System State restore.