How to setup NetBackup PostgreSQL Agent to be Cluster aware

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE)

The nbu-postgres agent isn’t cluster aware so we have to make a couple of changes to make it work in case you want to pass a host name different from the output of bpclntcmd -gethostname as that is what we read to get the backup and query working.

We have to make changes to 2 files.

  1. Modify the query-ampgsql.shif [ x”$CLIENT” = x”” ]; then CLIENT=`hostname`
    changed toif [ x”$CLIENT” = x”” ]; then CLIENT=”VIP-HOST-NAME”
  2. Modify the backup-ampgsql.shCLIENT=`hostname` APP=’pgsql’
    changed toCLIENT=”VIP-HOST-NAME” APP=’pgsql’

If you are backing up different hosts on the same machine then you have to create multiple and files to get this working.