Ransomware Protection

Simple Ransomware Protection

With Zmanda, keep your backed-up data secure and segregated, preventing malicious encryption and deletion during a ransomware attack. This allows you to recover your production servers, databases, applications, and workstations quickly and seamlessly.

Developers are happy knowing they don't need to pay for ransom.

Explore Zmanda’s Clean Slate Recovery Capabilities

Don't Pay Ransom

Organizations are destined to pay a ransom if they can’t recover encrypted files quickly–not to mention revenue and brand damage.

When an attack occurs, Zmanda helps you recover your critical data easily from a clean slate backup, from storage mediums spanning cloud, on-prem, hybrid, tapes, and even disks.

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Infinite Possibilites

Zmanda was designed from the ground up to be capable of running completely offline with air gap capabilities. This technical differentiation helps our customers across government, defense, research institutions, IT, and other verticals, mitigate the threat of ransomware attacks.

Protect Your Business With Zmanda

Zmanda is dedicated to safeguarding your data during ransomware attacks, ensuring your data is available when you need it.

Recover Quickly

Our configuration allows for infinite possibilities, helping you build the solution which works for you. Based on your backup architecture, you could achieve up to 1 GB/s of transfer rates, limited only by your infrastructure capabilities.

Immutable backups

Zmanda offers the ultimate safeguard to ensuring that your data remains untampered and secure under all circumstances. This critical capability locks your backups, preventing any alterations or deletions, thus offering an extra layer of protection against threats like ransomware.

Clean Slate Recovery

Zmanda makes it easy to start fresh from your backups to the point before the ransomware attack. This simple process offers a lot of confidence in your capability to recover amidst a ransomware attack.

Easy to Install and Manage

At Zmanda, we aim to simplify your backup experience. Our Solutions Architect Team helps you easily configure Zmanda to your use case, helping you protect your data with confidence.

Our Configuration at a Glance

With Zmanda, you can backup data from any environment and store it amidst a range of target mediums. You name it, we have it.