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Why Partner with Zmanda?

For over 15 years, Zmanda has been leading the way in open-source data backup for enterprises with the help of its valued partners. Join us in transforming the future of enterprise backup solutions and protecting your customers' critical data with Zmanda. Our powerful backup options for servers, databases, and applications, available on disk, cloud, and tape, will give your business the edge it needs to thrive.

With our self-service partner portal and comprehensive tools, you can create new opportunities, position the solution, close deals, acquire new customers, build integrations, and much more. We are committed to training, educating, enabling, and promoting our partners ensuring their success every step of the way.

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Growth-generating incentives

Elevate your business with Zmanda's exclusive incentives - gain access to industry-leading discounts and unparalleled options for seamless business transactions.

Advanced products and

Experience a new level of data protection with Zmanda - the industry's most trusted open-source backup solution with over 1 million servers protected with security and scale.

Self-service training programs
and resources

Enhance your technical and sales competencies for Zmanda products with our comprehensive resources, training, and certification/accreditation programs.

Self-service portal with premium

Get access to our simple, self-service, and intuitive partner portal with free 24*7 premium support, accessible through email, knowledge base, and phone calls.

Drive revenue and profitability

Maximize revenue and profits through our centralized platform to efficiently manage your partnerships with vendors and customers. Get access to product information, technical support, deal registration, and collaboration features, all in one place.

Winning co-branding strategy

A joint marketing plan with co-marketing strategies and tactics for better demand generation.

Driven by the relentless pursuit of innovation, partners continually seek breakthrough methods to amplify customer support for crucial data, expand service coverage, and skyrocket revenue. By embracing our ground-breaking solutions and pioneering strategies, they can effortlessly outpace competitors and thrive in this fast-paced industry. We are committed to equipping partners with a robust, self-service partner portal, designed to fuel accelerated cloud transformations.

Pavan Raj

Director of Corporate Development at Zmanda | BETSOL

Discover What Our Valued Partners Have to Say

Together, Abyres and Zmanda have been helping enterprises and government sectors with Open Source based Backup & Recovery platforms for more than a decade now.

Abyres Leadership Team

This partnership with Zmanda allows the flexibility to use best-of-breed cloud services with huge cost savings without sacrificing security or performance. This is critical for enterprises looking to leverage their data for growth and to meet their customers’ evolving needs.

David Friend CEO of Wasabi

We at Zeeb are very excited to be partnered with Zmanda as their open source-based backup & recovery products are gaining traction among our customers and we would able to bring them onboard to this cost-effective solution.


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Zmanda's partnership program is designed for technology providers, system integrators, resellers, MSPs, and technical experts.

With Zmanda, you don't pay by the gig. The licensing is based on the number of servers, VMs, applications, databases, and storage media destinations. It is not based on the amount of data backed up.

Please contact or call 888-496-2632 (US) and 408-732-3208 (INTL).

Yes – every customer can get a 14-day free trial with 24x7 phone and email support.

Yes, Zmanda offers 24*7 premium support available by phone and email.

Becoming an Authorized Zmanda Partner is a seamless process that can be initiated by simply visiting our website and filling out the registration form. Once you have completed the form, you will receive a confirmation email, and gain access to all the benefits of our program.

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