TAPE ERROR OCCURRED: [No acceptable volumes found]

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE)

Error Message

The report on the Report| Summary page shows that no acceptable volume were found:

*** TAPE ERROR OCCURRED: [No acceptable volumes found]

Error Description

This indicates that Amanda could not find a tape to use during the backup run.


A check can be run to determine if Amanda can find a tape to use before the next backup run.  To perform the check, execute from command line on the backup server as the amandabackup user:

$ amcheck -s

Amanda has a tape to work with and is ready to run when you see output such as:

Found in slot 14: volume 'Daily-004-0018000D'
Will write to volume 'Daily-004-0018000D' in slot 14.

If the pre-backup check does not indicate that Amanda can find a tape to use, please note the reason(s) given.

Possible reasons include:

  • There are less tapes available than the Tapes in Rotation as specified on the Backup| When page. Until Amanda has written to the number of tapes specified by Tapes in Rotation, it will not allow the current tapes to be reused. Sometimes this occurs not because there are not enough tapes but because the same label has been written to more than one tape. You can review the amcheck output for this cause.
  • If using a tape drive or tape changer, Amanda may not be finding an already labeled tape or, if Auto Label is being used, a tape that can be auto-labeled.  If Auto Label is selected, please check the Auto Label options on the Backup|where page. Either way, tapes can be labeled in advance by using the form on the right hand side of the Backup| Media page.  Manually labeling tapes when using a tape changer with a barcode reader as this includes barcodes in the Amanda label making it easy to track your tapes.
    • To use the labeling form, expand the Advanced Options section above and check “Overwrite Media” if the tapes being used are not new out-of-the wrapper.  Check the boxes for slots with tapes that you want to label. Click Save Labels at the bottom of the form.