FAILED [disk /cad, all estimate timed out] timeout waiting for REP

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE) 

Issue Symptoms

engdb /cad lev 0  FAILED "[disk /cad, all estimate timed out]"
planner: ERROR Request to engdb failed: timeout waiting for REP


  1. If the file system that Amanda is trying to backup is large or has a many small files, the solution is to increase the “Backup Estimate timeout” value in the Backup | “How” page until the timeout is resolved.
  2. If the Amanda client is a Windows machine, check that the user the ZWC Service runs as belongs to the Administrators, Backup Operators, and Users groups. Restart the ZWC/Carbonite Service and make sure it is logging to LogFile.txt in the Debug folder of ZWC’s install directory.
  3. On rare occasions, a “sendsize” process may still be running from a previous backup run such as when backing up a stale nfs mount. Confirm that there are no sendsize processes running before starting a backup. If such a process from a prior backup is found, it can be safely terminated.