Zmanda Classic

Data backup: where security meets simplicity

Start small and go petabyte scale
with Zmanda Classic

Certified by US Homeland Security, &
trusted by Government agencies

Hybrid Cloud ready, hardware agnostic,
& supports wider workloads

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Simplicity. Every step of the way.

Focused and intuitive

Our management console brings in a layer of the most coveted simplicity, giving you maximum context to the task in question. Smart algorithms measure server health, backup run details, status checks on backup sets, and many more; making Zmanda 5.0 the smartest backup solution.

Backups across the globe

Cluster architecture gives you the convenience to link Zmanda Classic Backup Servers across the globe to one central console. It also offers unprecedented convenience while managing backups of 1000s of workloads across continents.

Streamline licenses

With our best release yet, you can manage any number of licenses across your globally distributed environments, through one license file. Zmanda Classic also makes license deployments easy and seamless across all enterprise workloads, all through one click.

Improved security

Our new communication architecture is built around TLS 1.2, allowing for a more secure end-to-end communication between your Backup servers and workloads. With Zmanda, you own your data every step of the way.

Intelligent scheduler

Zmanda Classic proprietary scheduler optimizes backup runs to make efficient use of network and storage infrastructure. This results in lesser congestion in IT networks while delivering consistent backup runs.

Fast & efficient problem resolution

At Zmanda, we offer 24 x 7 service across all our offerings. Our technical staff is well equipped to help you solve your issues without causing overheads and avoiding unnecessary back-and-forths. There's no waiting time, we're just a call away.

Protect more workloads on more platforms