How to suppress strange lines from reports

This article is for Amanda Enterprise Edition (AE)

Info Description

At times, reports can fill up with a long list of unwanted messages that can overwhelm the ZMC database. To suppress such unwanted lines, follow these steps:

In the application-tool section of the “/etc/zmanda/zmc/zmc_aee/zmc_user_dumptypes” file, add the unwanted messages:

The section in question should look like this when you are done:

define application-tool "app_amgtar_user" {
property    append  "ignore"    "No such file or directory$"
property    append  "ignore"    "file changed as we read it$"
property    append  "ignore"    "socket ignored$"
#   property "NO-UNQUOTE" "yes" # Allow backslashes (and certain other characters) in filenames. Requires tar 1.16+.

The above definition will ignore the unwanted messages in the reports such as “No such file or directory” The $ character denotes the end of a string to match. Matching is done via POSIX Extended Regular Expression syntax.