Can’t change “No Data Sent” and “Backup Estimate” timeouts


Your backup is failing with “data timeout” issues, and for troubleshooting purposes you are trying to increase the values of “No Data Sent” and “Backup Estimate” on the Backup| How page. However, the following happens:

  1. You increase “No Data Sent” and “Backup Estimate”
  2. Click the “Update” button
  3. Navigate to another ZMC page
  4. When you return to the Backup| How page, the values of “No Data Sent” and “Backup Estimate” are back to the default values

Troubleshooting Tips

Lack of disk space could be the reason for the ZMC not updating the settings that you are trying to change.

Check free disk space in /etc/ using:

df /etc

If /etc is its own partition, you will need to free space specifically on that file system. However, if /etc is part of the root partition, you can free space anywhere else on the root partition. In the latter case, please note that the ZMC works with the Linux logrotate utility to prune active logs. If desired, use crontab to set up log rotation.

Here is an example crontab entry:

0 1 * * 1,5 logrotate /etc/logrotate.d/zmc_aee (For 1 AM on Monday and Friday of each week)