Disaster Recovery

Zmanda for Steadfast Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery for us means providing a comprehensive solution that securely protects your critical workloads and instantly recovering them irrespective of the nature of the disaster, ensuring Business Continuity.

Zmanda for Steadfast Disaster Recovery

Zmanda: The Future of Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Flexible Backup and Rapid Recovery Like No other

Ensure true business continuity with real-time backup-level replication. Forget constant mirroring, this unique solution meticulously replicates your converted backups into a secure, immutable vault.

This means your backups are safely stored at a secondary location, guaranteeing data accessibility even if your primary site faces any challenge. With real-time replication, you're not just protecting your data, you're safeguarding your entire business.

Disaster Recovery - Flexible Backup and Rapid Recovery Like No other
With Zmanda, rest assured that your data won’t be accessed by someone who shouldn’t have access to it.

Custom Profile Tagging, Encryption at rest and motion, and a lot of other features ensure your backups are safe and available when you need them.

Our Disaster Recovery Offerings

Zmanda is developed for scalability and optimized for performance for all your backup and disaster recovery needs. It’s fast while being the most reliable.

Industry-Leading Real-Time Objective

Zmanda scheduler optimizes backup runs across multiple clients to use Network and hardware resources. It enables you to achieve RPO in under 1 hour & faster RTO objectives - even during major IT outages. IT teams can expect seamless backup and recovery processes across our entire product offerings.

Unified Recovery Mechanism

We make it easy to recover the data backed up differently, e.g. if half of your data was backed up through raw backups and the other half through logical backups, you could still be up and running in no time.

Robust Cross-Platform Restores

You can efficiently restore data from a backup to a host with a different operating system. This reassures you that during a disaster event, you can be up and running on a system that is available to you right away.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Zmanda offers you unparalleled flexibility, performance, and ease of use across hybrid cloud configuration. Zmanda ensures all configurations are seamlessly managed from a single console.

Restores You Can Trust

Checksums are used to validate that your backups are reliable, giving you the confidence to build customizable setups and reassuring that during a restore event, you can trust your backups.

Simple, Flexible Backups

Supports full and multi-level incremental backups using industry-standard data formats such as GNU-tar and star. Single data group or a cluster of 100, we manage data at a scale.

Disaster Recovery with Minimal Downtime

Developed for scalability. Optimized for performance.

Zmanda has been developed for large-scale databases with this sole objective in mind; keep disaster recovery simple, and swift.

Restoring your data should be simple. Data protected by Zmanda is always recoverable with no reliance on proprietary hardware or continual licensing.

Time is money. With Zmanda, you can achieve zero downtime without any hassle. This means that you do not have to schedule downtime for your production system while undergoing backup runs. It’s simple, reliable, and quick.

Easily integrate with 3rd party plugins to supercharge your workflows. Experience smooth integration with Linux LVM, Microsoft VSS, Symantec VxFS, NetApp SnapManager, EMC SnapView, and many more. We give you the flexibility you need to configure your backup workflows.

Disaster Recovery - Evolutionary Zmanda Recovery Manager

We chose Zmanda, as it seemed like a perfect solution for us.

Leadership Speak


“With Zmanda, our enterprise customers have award-winning reliable product lines with best-in-class support.”

Ashok Reddy



“Disaster Recovery for us means providing a solution which securely protects your critical workloads and also instantly recovers it irrespective of the nature of the disaster, ensuring Business Continuity.”

Pavan Raj

Director, Zmanda

Awards & Recognition

Our award-winning Zmanda is the world’s leading provider of open source backup and recovery software. Our simple-to-use and feature-rich backup software are endowed with multiple awards by top-notch services and organizations.


US Homeland Security Certified


Awarded 'Favorite Backup Solution' by Linux Journal


Awarded ‘MySQL Partner of the Year’

Global Leader in Data Protection

Zmanda has been a trusted and reliable backup solution over the last decade. It is designed to help IT teams create flexible yet scalable backup policies for their IT environments.

1 million

Servers protected through Zmanda


Serving customers in 45+ nations


Coding going strong for over two decades


Easy scaling through plug and play architecture


Extensive audit carried to certify Zmanda free of security defects


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