Tar: s: unknown function modifier

  • This article is for  Zmanda Recovery Manager For MySQL (ZRM)

Issue Symptoms

Error getting device details for /mysqlpool/data/
Output of command: ‘Getting Device Details’ is [
tar: s: unknown function modifier
Usage: tar [c|r|t|u|x

Issue Description

This occurs typically on solaris if GNU tar has not been installed on the system.
Make sure that GNU version of tar from http://sunfreeware.com has been installed on ZRM Client and Server.


Add GNU tar in path, by executing following steps:

Set following PATH for “mysql” user on ZRM server and Client in “<mysql_HOME_DIR>/.ssh/environment”.

Allow ssh users to use own environment by adding following line in “/etc/ssh/sshd_config” and reload sshd.

PermitUserEnvironment yes