Zmanda & Vawlt: A dynamic joint solution for
resilient distributed cloud storage

Experience seamless integration, simplified management, and built-in security with
Zmanda and Vawlt's integrated offsite backup solution.

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Zmanda & Vawlt: Empowering enterprises
with a powerful off-site backup solution

Zmanda, a leading open-source-based data protection solution, and Vawlt, an innovator in supercloud or distributed hybrid-multi-cloud data storage, join forces to redefine data protection and sovereignty standards in high-stakes environments.

Zmanda's enterprise-grade backup solution and Vawlt's secure, resilient multi-cloud storage platform offer a unique and powerful joint solution that encapsulates the concept: "Why choose one cloud if you can have them all?" By offering off-site backup copies without relying on a single cloud, the partnership reduces vendor dependency and minimizes risks.

This solution protects data from the most sophisticated threats and enhances data safety, accessibility, and operational efficiency—all while being cost-effective.