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Zmanda Does Everything Like It’s Nothing

Long Term Data Archival With Trusted Tape Storage

Zmanda offers robust integrations with tape libraries. We offer seamless support for all generations of Linear Tape Open products. From vaulting petabytes of data across multiple tapes to intelligently detecting the tapes to reuse, we simply back up to tapes, so you don't have to.

Proven, Industry-Leading Open Source

Our open source version—Amanda Community has delivered industry-first capabilities and world-class community support, producing countless loyal and satisfied customers across the globe. Amanda Community equips you to work seamlessly with on-prem and cloud, a scalable plug & play architecture, and absolutely no vendor lock-ins.

Centralized Management For Hybrid Environments

Backup workloads across public, private, and on-prem infrastructure, from one web-based management console. Zmanda is designed to scale seamlessly using clusters. This enables you to create virtual data boundaries across your organization. With Zmanda's centralized management, flexibility, and fast data throughputs up to 15GB/ second, you have nothing to worry about.

Powerful Enterprise-Class Protection With Radically Simple Administration

Gain all functionalities that your enterprise needs without the extra bells and whistles that would increase user complexity and innate costs. It's simple to install and quick to configure. Get the ultimate Zmanda experience with our intelligent scheduler and point-in-time recovery that furthers speed and simplifies operations for you like no other.

Heavy on Features, Light on Price

Reduce your IT costs and increase scalability with subscription fees that are charged for the number of workloads, and not for the data processed. Single data group or a cluster of 100, we manage data at scale. Software-defined, infrastructure agnostic, hybrid-ready with portable universal licensing. Zmanda keeps getting better and better.

All Your Workloads.
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