Small & Mid-Size Businesses

Zmanda for Small & Mid-Size Businesses

Losing data while growing your company is something we don't want you to face. Zmanda becomes the ultimate failsafe allowing you to go back in time with your data. With Zmanda, protect all your environments from any unforeseen disaster in just a few clicks.

Zmanda for Small & Mid-Size Businesses

Experience Comprehensive Data Protection for Your Workloads With More Difference at Less Cost.

Our Scalable Management Console

Zmanda’s powerful and industry-tested management console provides innovations at every level. Be it for managing thousands of geographically distributed servers to your most coveted critical system that keeps your business running- we value every byte of data and work to keep it safe.

We handle many of the integration complexities, minimizing overhead and ongoing effort required by System Administrators. With a broad variety of backup mediums, spanning from cost-effective tape storage to modern cloud providers, we ensure we have you covered at every corner.

With Zmanda, you get power-packed features. It’s simpler and cost-effective than any other backup & recovery solution.

SMB - Our Scalable Management Console
With Zmanda, you can be sure that your data won’t be accessed by someone who shouldn’t have access to it.

Data is reliably compressed & encrypted during backups. Data is written to disk or uploaded to cloud-only after the security protocols get completed. Now, you have complete control over your data.

Our Support for Small & Mid-Size Businesses

Zmanda runs on a client-server architecture, giving you the flexibility to start small and even go petabyte-scale rapidly over time when you need it. It’s a solution you can trust.

Comprehensive Reporting

Emails on the status of each backup run with critical details are sent on the completion of each run. These regular customizable reports help you build a resilient infrastructure.

Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Zmanda’s built-in robust ransomware protection prevents the data backed from undergoing any unauthorized changes. This preserves the integrity of your data and protects you from malicious attacks.

Reliable Encryption

With Zmanda, you can choose which data you want to encrypt, which standard encryption algorithm you want to use, & if you want to encrypt data on the client or the server.

Flexible Storage Options

Zmanda provides a wide variety of storage media for backup, including tape, tape libraries, disks (DAS, NAS, SAN, file servers, RAID), & optical jukeboxes.

Back in Business Instantly

Near-zero RPO for virtualization systems helps you get your applications up and running within minutes. With Zmanda, no disaster is too big or too small, you are always protected.

Focused and Intuitive

Our new management console brings in the most coveted simplicity, giving you maximum context to the task in question. Smart algorithms measure server health, backup run details, status checks on backup sets, and many more.

Great Innovation Starts Here

Experience Zmanda’s active protection

Zmanda simplifies the installation and configuration process for your workloads by allowing for multiple out-of-the-box configurations.

Zmanda Community was designed to blend seamlessly into your command line workflow. It gives you the flexibility to choose the backup formats, ranging from the simple Logical Parallel backups to complex storage architectures such as LVM Snapshots, ZFS Snapshots, etc. This way, we give you the power you need to manage the database backups you can rely on.

Backups are done through logical backups, various snapshots, mysqlhotcopy or MySQL replication. Depending on your configuration, Zmanda selects the best way to perform backups. Since Zmanda can co-exist with any network backup software seamlessly, you also have the option to use any tool of your choice.

The best part is, Zmanda’s built-in robust ransomware protection prevents the data backed up from undergoing any unauthorized changes. This preserves the integrity of your data and protects you from malicious attacks.

SMB - Great Innovation Starts Here

We chose Zmanda, as it seemed like a perfect solution for us.

Leadership Speak


“With Zmanda, our enterprise customers have award-winning reliable product lines with best-in-class support.”

Ashok Reddy



“Disaster Recovery for us means providing a solution which securely protects your critical workloads and also instantly recovers it irrespective of the nature of the disaster, ensuring Business Continuity.”

Pavan Raj

Director, Zmanda

Awards & Recognition

Our award-winning Zmanda is the world’s leading provider of open source backup and recovery software. Our simple-to-use and feature-rich backup software are endowed with multiple awards by top-notch services and organizations.


US Homeland Security Certified


Awarded 'Favorite Backup Solution' by Linux Journal


Awarded ‘MySQL Partner of the Year’

Global Leader in Data Protection

Zmanda has been a trusted and reliable backup solution over the last decade. It is designed to help IT teams create flexible yet scalable backup policies for their IT environments.

1 million

Servers protected through Zmanda


Serving customers in 45+ nations


Coding going strong for over two decades


Easy scaling through plug and play architecture


Extensive audit carried to certify Zmanda free of security defects


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