Restoration of Amazon EBS snapshot fails

  • This article is for Zmanda Recovery Manager For MySQL (ZRM)

Issue Symptoms

An example message:

ebs-plugin-socket:restore:ERROR: Output of command: 'mount' is {
Volume vol-319d6858 created from snapshot snap-411abd28  
Attaching Volume vol-319d6858 EC2 instance i-5e8e6f36  
Volume vol-319d6858 is in attaching state. Waiting for state to change to attached
Volume vol-319d6858 connected to device /dev/sdi on EC2 instance i-5e8e6f36 
mount: you must specify the filesystem type  
mount of /dev/sdi on /mysql_vol failed

The instance id, snapshot name, EBS volume name and the mount point will be different in your case.

Issue Description

This error occurs during restoration of full backups taken using Amazon EBS snapshots.The restoration fails.

The error occurs due to the Amazon infrastructure latency issues where the state of the volume is “attached” but the volume isn’t ready for mount operation in the EC2 instance.


The solution is to manually mount the snapshot on the EC2 instance that is the target for restoration.

For example: mount -t xfs /dev/sdi /mysql_vol