Applying Patches

  • This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE)

How to apply patches from the trunk to end-user installation

  1. Determine the type of patch the customer is looking for; Client/Server, Architecture for Client, OS for client and server.
  2. If RHEL based distro, sudo rpm -Uvh --oldpackage <rpm package name> .
  3. If DEB based distro, dpkg -i <deb package name>.

How to apply patch files

  1. Extract patch to the machine
    1. If in .diff format run patch –p1 <originalfile> <patch.diff> .
    2. If in .pl format run chmod u+x <> && ./<>.

**If patching an Amanda server, the customer may experience a couple warnings when they connect to the server next in regards to either md5sum hash checks or ‘Amanda server component version is not correct’. Md5sum warnings can be disabled by going to Admin | Preferences and turning off Verify installed files. ‘Amanda server component version is not correct’ can be safely ignored and the warning can be suppressed by unchecking “Check Server Installation” from the login page.