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With our Managed Cloud Storage solution (ZCS), Zmanda customers can achieve scalable, reliable, cost-effective storage for their backups. Our solution offers up to 50% TCO reduction compared to other major cloud providers, with the added benefit of eliminating the need for additional hardware and operational costs.

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Ready to go. Zero administrative overhead.
Pre-configured cloud storage.

50%+ TCO saving. Storage is automatically deduplicated, compressed, and scaled. Get 1TB free storage powered by Wasabi with your Zmanda purchase

Add offsite cloud storage with 2 clicks of a button, allowing you to achieve 3-2-1-1 backup in 15 minutes or less

1 tier, always hot storage, no complex workflow administration needed

Protect against ransomware with built-in detection and immutability

Eliminate administrative overhead by eliminating the need for cloud integration, APIs, provisioning, and monitoring. Preconfigured and ready to go

1-stop-shop for support, billing, and reporting. All are provided by Zmanda

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Our Capabilities at a Glance

With Zmanda, you can back up data from any environment and store it to a range
of target mediums, including our managed Zmanda Cloud Storage. You name it, we have it.