Monitor tab shows running backups however none in progress

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE)


In the Monitor | Backup Tab you will see backups still running when there are none running.


  1. Verify there are no current backups running for the Backup Set in question.
# ps aux | grep amdump

If this returns a dump process for the Backup Set in question, run the following command until it says there are no logs to cleanup. This needs to be run as the amandabackup user.

$ amcleanup -k <backupset>

2. If it still appears as though a backup is running in the Monitor|Backup tab and the previous step returned “no logs to cleanup”; run the following commands to clean-up the ZMC database.  Be sure to run these commands when there are no running backups.

# /opt/zmanda/amanda/mysql/bin/mysql -uroot "-p$(awk -F\" '/^zmc_mysql_root_password/ {print $(NF-1)}' /etc/zmanda/zmc/zmc_aee/zmc_aee.cnf)" zmc MariaDB [zmc]> update backuprun_dle_state set state = 'Failed' where active != 0; MariaDB [zmc]> update backuprun_dle_state set active = 0;

After these commands have been run please logout and back into the ZMC to verify the Monitor|Backup tab shows no running backups.