Zmanda product lifecycle

Support varies by product version:

Zmanda product versions, including Zmanda and Zmanda Recovery Manager, are listed alongside their respective release dates and end-of-support dates. NetBackup (NBU) Agent versions and their support timelines are also included for reference.

All dates are in mm/dd/yyyy format.

Product Version Release Date End of Support
Zmanda Classic 5.0 05/31/2023 TBD
Zmanda Classic 4.3 02/13/2023 10/28/2023
Zmanda Classic 4.2 10/10/2022 10/28/2023
Zmanda Classic 4.1 07/06/2021 10/28/2023
Zmanda Classic 4.0 12/21/2020 10/28/2023
Zmanda Classic 3.6 02/28/2019 05/31/2021
Zmanda Recovery Manager 3.9 10/07/2020 TBD
Zmanda Recovery Manager 3.8 03/22/2016 05/31/2021
Netbackup(NBU) Agent 1.3 02/21/2017 05/31/2021
Netbackup(NBU) Agent 1.2 05/18/2014 04/30/2018

End-of-Support definition

Zmanda's "End of Support" refers to the stage when a specific product version no longer receives active support, updates, and bug fixes. This typically occurs when a newer version is released, and resources shift towards maintaining the current and future product iterations.

What it means for you:
  • No more software updates: You won't receive security patches, bug fixes, or new features for the unsupported version.
  • Limited or no technical support: Zmanda's technical support team might not be able to assist with issues encountered in the unsupported version.
  • Reduced functionality: Certain features may no longer function correctly due to incompatibility with newer technologies.
How to stay supported:
  • Upgrade to a supported version: This is the recommended course of action to ensure continued security, functionality, and access to technical support.
  • Extend support (if available): Some Zmanda products might offer extended support for a fee, but verify if applicable to your version.
  • End-of-support dates vary by product and version. Consult Zmanda's documentation or contact support for specific information.
  • Having an active maintenance contract often extends support beyond the standard End-of-Support date. Check your contract details.