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Seamless scaling and
granular controls

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For your command line workflows

ZRM community provides a comprehensive open-source solution for backup and recovery of tera byte scale MySQL databases. Because it is open source and supports common standards, as well as open data formats for backups, ZRM frees you from vendor lock-ins. ZRM's command-line interface (CLI) integrates well into existing backup and recovery processes. The Community edition is a freely downloadable subset of the Enterprise edition, licensed under the GNU GPLv2, which supports LVM snapshots.

Engineered by open-source experts

Optimizes space through intelligient compression

Centralized backup management

Recover a database easily to any point in time or to any particular transaction


Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Zmanda was founded through the pursuit of playing around and creating new things. It was never a goal to be a player in the backup and recovery space. It was all from a dire to do something which would matter; about building a solution which would help users manage their backups efficiently and promote a more empowering community. And, we’ve come a long way.

81.5% Native

C and Perl constitute 81.5 percent of the codebase. It was natively writtern to ensure strong compatibility with Linux flavours.

Linux Journal Award

Voted as the most reliable platform for Linux and UNIX users who are comfortable with a command-line interface.

Chosen by Millions

Amanda community is also available in Binaries form for most common operating systems and distributions.


More innovation with every release

Parse Binary Logs | Zmanda

Parse Binary Logs

MySQL binary logs can host millions of database transactions. ZRM Comunity allows for easy reading of binary logs to find anomalies in database events, which aid extensively in operational and security audits.

On the Fly Compression | ZRM Community | Zmanda

On-the-fly Compression

Safeguard your data while going easy on your storage by configuring on-the-fly compression alongside encryption. This ensures your backup needs are addressed without compromising on performance.

Intelligent Scheduler | Schedule Your Backup Using Amanda Enterprise | Zmanda

Intelligent Scheduler

You define the backup thresholds, and ZRM automatically optimizes each backup run. Factors such as MySQL server, storage engine, and underlying storage technology are all considered to give you the best performance.

HDD | Unified Recovery Mechanism | Zmanda

Unified Recovery Mechanism

ZRM simplifies recovery using a unified recovery mechanism. We make it easy to recover data that were backed up differently, eg., if half your data was backed up through raw backups and the other half, was through logical backups, ZRM would be able to help out.

Comprehensive Data Backup and Storage Solution | Zmanda

Data You Control

Since ZRM Community does not use any proprietary data formats, you can restore your MySQL databases even without ZRM. You’re not held accountable for any proprietary hardware or paid licensing.

Backup and Recovery Software You Can Trust | Zmanda

Restores You Can Trust

Data integrity is crucial. Checksums are used to validate that your backups are reliable, giving you the confidence to build customizable setups and reassuring that during a restore event, you can trust your backups.

What the experts say

ZRM helps us formalize and automate the backup process for all our production data, and consolidates all backups from different systems into one consistent platform. Furthermore, the ZRM platform greatly simplified our production systems' recovery scenarios by reducing the number of steps required in the data recovery process.


Franck Leveneur, Senior Data Architect at Six Degree Games
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ZRM Enterprise: At Your Service, in Every Step of the Way.

Tailored to meet the needs of enterprises, offering simplicity at every touch.


Different technologies, one experience

ZRM Community was designed to blend seamlessly into your Command line workflow. It gives you the flexibility to choose the backup formats, ranging from the simple Logical Parallel backups to complex storage architectures such as LVM Snapshots, ZFS Snapshots, etc. This way, we give you the power you need to manage the database backups you rely on.

Auto Optimization

Backups are done through logical backups, various snapshots, mysqlhotcopy or MySQL replication. Depending on your configuration of MySQL, ZRM selects the best way to perform backups. Since ZRM can co-exist with any network backup software seamlessly, you also have the option to use any tool of your choice.

Comprehensive Reporting

Emails on the status of each backup run, alongside critical details such as time taken to flush memory, the state of MySQL during the backup run, etc, are sent on the completion of each run. Comments can easily be added to allow for better tracking at the time of recovery.

Get Started Now

ZRM Community combined with MySQL, makes managing backups a whole lot more fun. ZRM Community easily fits into your workflows, giving you the flexibility you need.

Zmanda Support | Enterprise Backup and Disaster Recovery Support

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Gain a indepth glimpse into ZRM Community from the docs written by the best open-source developers themselves.


A place to discuss new ideas and help push the community towards new leaps in backup technologies.


Confused about the differences offered in ZRM Community and ZRM Enterprise?

Frequently Asked Questions

Zmanda offers three versions of ZRM : the ZRM Enterprise edition, the ZRM Cluster edition and the ZRM Community edition. The Enterprise edition includes a graphical installer, Zmanda Management Console (ZMC), command-line interface and plugin framework. The Community edition is a freely downloadable subset of the Enterprise edition, licensed under the GNU GPLv2. It supports LVM snapshots but does not include the ZMC or the graphical installer. To know more in detail about the differences, you can visit our page here.

You can download the Community Edition of ZRM here.

With ZRM MySQL community edition you can recover your database to any point in time or to any particular transaction between two successful backups. For example, you can recover the database to a moment in time just before a user made an error. 

Zmanda supports the versions of MySQL 4.1.x and MySQL 5.x. For more details, please visit our ZRM community edition forum.

Yes, Zmanda production support team is available 24 x 7 over both phone and email. You can choose our Standard or Premium level of support, made available to you with complete knowledge base access, email and phone support, case management, software enhancements and security updates. Please visit- contact support to get in touch with our support team.