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Zmanda was founded at the University of Maryland, and we have come a long way from there while being true to our Linux heritage. Whether it's one workload or a cluster of thousands, we exist to ensure your institution's data is safe from any disaster.

Explore Zmanda for Educational Pricing

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Zmanda, A Simple Solution for Big Data

Teachers, students, and other authorized personnels expect to have access to all the necessary resources at any given time and place. Modernized data protection is what you need, and Zmanda is here to provide you with that.

In the event of an outage, Zmanda ensures that you experience the most seamless backup and recovery, regardless of the size of your data. This way, all the members of your institution will have data accessibility at all times when they can learn & teach no matter where they are.

hybrid environment - with zmanda you evolve wisely
Zmanda is an all-in-one solution for backup & DR that protects files, servers, & entire data centers.

In addition to traditional backup to disk and tape, with Zmanda, you can also use cloud backup to backup archive, and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the Internet.

Our Support for Educational Institutions

Zmanda offers reliable backup & recovery solutions and expert services to educational institutions.

Industry Leading Real-Time Objective

Zmanda scheduler reduces network congestions by optimizing backup runs across multiple clients to use Network and hardware resources. It enables you to achieve near RPO & RTO objectives - even during major IT outages. IT teams can expect seamless backup and recovery processes across our entire product offerings.

Highly Scalable

Managing backups of 1 Production DB or a strong cluster of 100’s, Zmanda offers a seamless onboarding process for new databases while ensuring robust reliability for existing databases.

Improved Security

Our new communication architecture is built around TLS 1.2, allowing for a more secure end-to-end communication between your backup servers and workloads. With Zmanda, you can encrypt your data every step of the way.

Simplistic Hybrid Cloud Backups

Seamlessly integrate with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Wasabi Cloud, & many more for long-term retention, disaster recovery & cloud-native backups. Easily assign Legacy Tapes for Vaults for compliance and cost-benefit reasons.

Fast and Seamless Restore

Data gets restored using Zmanda Management Console or using the recover command. Bulk restore to same/different hosts can be triggered using Express restore. It's fast, simple, and reliable.

Efficient Problem Resolution

At Zmanda, we offer 24x7 service across all our offerings. Our technical staff is well-equipped to help you resolve your issues without causing overheads. There’s no waiting time; we’re just a call away.

Zmanda for AWS EdTech Organizations

Zmanda and Amazon Web Services form a powerful partnership that caters to the specific needs of educational institutions. By combining Zmanda's advanced backup and recovery solutions with AWS's robust cloud infrastructure, educational institutions can benefit from resilient and secure data protection.

Centralized Control, Departmental Autonomy

Advanced protection of educational institutions is made easy with Zmanda

Zmanda provides world-class protection with an intuitive central dashboard. You can seamlessly orchestrate data protection for your institutions consistently across the broadest range of applications and workloads in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

Many educational institutions are looking to centralize and streamline their data environments. Zmanda offers the best solution by creating centralized metering and reporting while control over the information remains with the owner.

As educational institutions become increasingly dependent upon their data, centralized backup and recovery of data distributed across all platforms are essential. Zmanda’s fastest and most powerful Zmanda Management Console (ZMC) provides an innovative and rich web interface to manage your backup and recovery requirements from a single and centralized management console. With this, you can be sure that your data won’t be accessed by someone who shouldn’t have access to it.

Universities - Centralized Control, Departmental Autonomy

We chose Zmanda, as it seemed like a perfect solution for us.

Leadership Speak


“With Zmanda, our enterprise customers have award-winning reliable product lines with best-in-class support.”

Ashok Reddy



“Disaster Recovery for us means providing a solution which securely protects your critical workloads and also instantly recovers it irrespective of the nature of the disaster, ensuring Business Continuity.”

Pavan Raj

Director, Zmanda

Awards & Recognition

Our award-winning Zmanda is the world’s leading provider of open source backup and recovery software. Our simple-to-use and feature-rich backup software are endowed with multiple awards by top-notch services and organizations.


US Homeland Security Certified


Awarded 'Favorite Backup Solution' by Linux Journal


Awarded ‘MySQL Partner of the Year’

Global Leader in Data Protection

Zmanda has been a trusted and reliable backup solution over the last decade. It is designed to help IT teams create flexible yet scalable backup policies for their IT environments.

1 million

Servers protected through Zmanda


Serving customers in 45+ nations


Coding going strong for over two decades


Easy scaling through plug and play architecture


Extensive audit carried to certify Zmanda free of security defects


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