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Open Source & Government

  • The UK government officially puts open-source on a level playing field with proprietary software, with industry experts anticipating savings of more than $1B per year
  • Vivek Kundra, new U.S. Federal CIO, endorses the use of open source
  • The Department of Defense (DoD) issues new guidelines that streamline open source adoption across the defense community Founding Member

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Frequently Asked Questions

Zmanda meets the public sector’s unique security and compliance requirements with its features. The air-gapped configurations, tape storage for archival and backup, and open source background of Zmanda make it a robust solution for critical backup & recovery requirements of Government organizations. For more information, please visit here.

Zmanda manages data on black sites with its three important features: Air Gap networks, Tape Archival, and Open Source Background. Please visit here to learn more about how Zmanda functions in air-gapped configuration.

Yes, Zmanda complies with GDPR regulations. It is configured and implemented as part of a fully GDPR-compliant solution, making it the most secure and seamless backup and recovery solution.

Absolutely yes, Zmanda was built to be a standalone application and has capabilities to run completely offline. As a result, Zmanda is fully operational without any need for an external connection. For example, to validate a license, you don't need to open a socket to communicate to the licensing system. Instead, you can upload the license file to your Zmanda Management console for validation.

We don't bill based on the data being backed up. You can have terabytes and petabytes of data for backup without worrying about any additional charges. The billing for Zmanda is based on the number of endpoints to protect. This can be a savior in the long run.