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Frequently Asked Questions

You are not billed on the number of storage targets in your backup environment. There can be as many storage targets as you want. We ask for this data on ‘Get A Quote’ form to assist you better in your Zmanda journey.

Yes, Zmanda licensing model is flexible, allowing you to change your server or client license midway if there is any change in your backup environment. All you need to do is pay the difference caused by the change in licenses.

We don't bill you based on the data being backed up. You can have terabytes and petabytes of data for backup without worrying about any additional charges. The billing for Zmanda is based on the number of endpoints to protect. This can help you save money in the long run.

A customer specialist will reach out to clarify your queries and doubts. After your call with the customer specialist, we will send you a tentative quote, depending on your requirements. You can then request quotes based on the services we provide, that is, premium support and standard support. This will help you compare the prices and opt for the one that fits best.

The pricing model for Hypervisors is based on the number of Tier1 Hypervisors backed up and not on the number of VMs each Hypervisor runs. This allows you to use one Hypervisor or VMWare License, even when 100+ VMs are running on top of that one Hypervisor.