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Zmanda's SharePoint Agent provides a reliable disaster recovery solution to protect all your critical workloads on SharePoint Servers. Seamlessly automate backup processes and data retention policies using a central intuitive console.

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1 million
servers under backup

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Audits available through Amanda.

SharePoint Recovery

Mac systems are great, but they are vulnerable to viruses, disk failures or even theft. With Zmanda Disaster Recovery Solution for Mac OS X servers and desktops, we ensure that all your files and folders in your system are safe and secure. Zmanda Mac OS X Client is a certified Amanda network backup software, tested by the open-source community and supported by Zmanda.

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Seamless ZMC Integration

Zmanda handles many of the integration complexities, minimizing overhead and ongoing effort required by System Administrators. We also support a broad variety of backup mediums, spanning from cost-effective tape storage to modern cloud providers.

Key Features

Realtime Backups
Backup Office Sharepoint databases in realtime without impacting users or applications.

Seamless Recovery
Databases can be quickly restored through an intuitive, point-and-click interface.

Disaster Recovery
Zmanda modernizes and simplifies the protection of unstructured data files and file servers at scale, with powerful new capabilities like supporting both full and incremental backup levels.

VSS & Release Support
Zmanda uses Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) writer to ensure integrity during hot backups.

Scale-Up Without Worries
Start small and grow efficiently without disruptive upgrades with a pay as you go subscription.

Realtime Optimization
Zmanda scheduler optimizes backup runs across multiple clients to use network and hardware resources as efficiently as possible.


How we benefit you?


Flexible Storage Options

Zmanda meets disaster recovery and regulatory requirements by storing your backup files and databases on either tape, disk, network storage, optical storage or Hybrid Clouds. It seamlessly integrates with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and many more for long-term-retention, disaster recovery, and cloud-native backups.


Standard Formats

Zmanda uses international data standards, such as zip and tar format for compressing data. This enables you to create backup archives at file-level, simplifying recovery options and eliminating the fear of vendor lockins.


Intelligent Scheduling

A unique scheduler optimizes the backup level for different clients in a way that equalizes the total backup time from one backup run to the next. Network and hardware resources are used as efficiently as possible.


Compression and Encryption

With Zmanda, you can be sure that your data will be saved in a compressed format to optimize space while your data will never be accessed by someone who shouldn't have access to it.


We pour our hearts into creating the most stable Disaster Recovery Solutions, and our Customers testify to our commitment.

Zmanda guarantees end to end data integrity and easy storage... They provide fixes for our issues and respond very quickly every time.

Marcin Mazurek, Infrastructure & IT Operations Director at Allegro

We have a stable system always updated. We sleep well.

Leonardo Corato, ICT manager at VDP Fonderia

As long as you're a little bit technical, I can't see any reason to use any other product than Amanda Enterprise

Johan Hybinette, Chief Information Security Officer at Schryver Medical

Frequently Asked Questions

Zmanda's SharePoint Agent provides a reliable disaster recovery solution to protect all your critical workloads on SharePoint Servers. It seamlessly automates SharePoint backup processes and data retention policies using a central intuitive console.

When Amanda is configured and licensed for MS SharePoint backup, Amanda uses the Microsoft Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to back up SharePoint Server databases, services and logs.

ZWC backs up and restores MS SharePoint at database level. ZWC backs up SharePoint data that is stored in the SQL database.

Disaster recovery operations are performed only when a fatal disaster occurs, which usually involves replacement of hardware, and sometimes re-installation and setup of software. A disaster recovery requires a full server data restoration. Zmanda offers a variety of disaster recovery configurations to meet your specific needs.

Backup plan for disaster recovery includes backing up System State, C:\Windows directory (since System State does not include all files from C:\Windows), SharePoint Installation directory, SharePoint Server databases & files, Web application pool directories from C:\Inetpub. Create separate DLEs for each of the above components in the ZMC Backup What page.

From the first ZMC offering; the iconic What Where When backup structure which went on to win hearts, to our newer interface which now helps you recover from a cloud IT Disaster at the touch of a few buttons, making it the simplest disaster recovery solution. To ensure your SharePoint backup set are never corrupt and offer the greatest dependability possible during restores, our QA team spent months stress simulating every possible disaster scenario for SharePoint backup solutions, including what-if-server racks catch fire.

We currently support MS Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) Agent 2013, 2010, and MOSS 2007. For more detailed list of the supported OS - please refer Compatibility Matrix.

Amanda is designed to handle large numbers of clients and data, yet is reasonably simple to install and maintain. It scales well up and down, so small configurations, even a single client, are possible. There are many users who back up just a single client that is also the Amanda server. On the other hand, many Amanda users backup hundreds and even thousands of file systems (there could be multiple file systems per protected system) to a large tape library with multiple drives.

To enable IT to test Zmanda on demo environments - we offer a fully licensed version of Zmanda for 14 days. Please fill out our Free Trial form, and our sales team will help you get started. 

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1 million
servers under backup

Open Audits
Audits available through Amanda.