Linux/Solaris file system backup does not traverse file system boundaries

This article is for Amanda Enterprise (AE)

Info Description:

Amanda Enterprise Linux/Unix filesystems and Solaris filesystems (ZMC Backup| What page) use app_amgtar application to perform backup and recovery.

The app_amgtar application does not traverse file system boundaries (by default). So all file systems will have to be specified as separate DLEs in the backup set.

To change the default behavior (i.e, DLE to traverse file system boundaries), you can set the “ONE-FILE-SYSTEM” application property to “NO”. This change has to be done manually and cannot be done using ZMC. This change will impact all DLEs of all backup sets in the Amanda server that uses application app_amgtar.

  1. Edit file “/etc/zmanda/zmc_aee/zmc_user_dumptypes” or “/etc/zmanda/zmc/zmc_aee/zmc_user_dumptypes” on the Amanda server.
  2. Add the property to the existing definition for “app_amgtar_user” as shown below.
  3. All backups of Linux/Unix and Solaris filesystems will traverse file systems.
define application-tool "app_amgtar_user" {property "ONE-FILE-SYSTEM" "NO"}