How to collect logs from ZRM running on Windows platform

This article is for Zmanda Recovery Manager For MySQL (ZRM) on Windows

For ZRM for MySQL running on Windows, there is a log collection tool named ZRM Support for both server and client installs.  As the server installation includes both server and client software, the collection tool is part of the client software in both cases.

For ZRM for MySQL Server, ZRM support utility collects system log files, log files related to ZWC, catalog databases, system related information and ZRM logs. On ZRM for MySQL client, the support utility will collect all the logs except ZRM logs.

The utility archives the log files into a single compressed file. This compressed cabinet file can then be sent to the Zmanda Support team for investigation.

  1. If instructed to by Zmanda Support, increase the logging for ZRM client.  Open the ZRM Config Utility, Start Menu > Programs > ZRM Client for MySQL > ZRM Client Config Utility.  Select the “Logging” tab and change the Log Level from 2 to 5.  The ZWC Service will be restarted when exiting the utility.  Please make sure there are no backups currently in progress before exiting and answering “Yes” to restart ZWC Service.
  2. Reproduce the problem.
  3. Collect logs: go to Start Menu > Programs > ZRM Client for MySQL and click on ZRM Support. The tool generates log output file with name in the ZRM Client for MySQL installation directory.
  4. FTP the logs to Zmanda’s FTP site.  Please update your support case with the name of the file(s) uploaded.
  5. Return ZRM client’s log level back to the default of 2 after problem is resolved.