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Zmanda Open Source Backup, MySQL backup

Zmanda in the News

9/5/2012 — ZCB 4.3 now available; ever easier cloud backup!

After releasing Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB) 4.2, which had a brand new purchasing option with a new cloud storage provider (Google), we had our task clearly cut out: make ZCB even easier to understand and use. So we got back to our laundry list and picked up a few items our users were requesting the most. The result is our latest release 4.3, available for download to all current and new ZCB customers.

5/10/2012 — Zmanda Announces Availability of Backup Solutions with HP Cloud Services

Open Source Based Amanda Enterprise Integrated with OpenStack based HP Compute and Storage Clouds

4/2/2012 — Multip Kft to resell Zmanda products

Hungarian system integrator to offer Zmanda based backup and disaster recovery solutions to Middle and Eastern European Market

3/6/2012 — Cloud Backup to Google Cloud Storage Now Available from Zmanda

Open Source based Amanda Enterprise integrated with Google's Open APIs

10/26/2011 — Nexenta Systems and Zmanda Release Next Generation Backup and Recovery Solution

Zmanda to present and demo the NexentaStor integration at OpenStorage Summit 2011

06/22/2010 — Zmanda Releases Third Generation Cloud Backup

New version supports backup to three continents, international character sets, optimized backup of Exchange, bandwidth management and cloud-based disaster recovery.
Zmanda Releases Third Generation Cloud Backup (Chinese version)

04/22/2010 — Zmanda Drives Down the Cost of NDMP and VMWARE Backup

Disaster Recovery Option for Amanda Enterprise is also released — radically reducing the cost and complexity of the disaster recovery process.

04/13/2010 — Mezeo Software and Zmanda Announce New Cloud Storage Backup Offering

Mezeo Cloud Storage Platform Integrates with Zmanda Cloud Backup to provide complete cloud storage backup solution

04/12/2010 — Zmanda Provides Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery for Large-Scale MySQL Installations

New add-on for ZRM provides low-cost, cloud-based disaster recovery; ZCB optimized for protecting environments with hundreds of distributed MySQL servers

02/22/2010 — Zmanda Announces MySQL Backup Option for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

Ready for Tivoli Solution enables integration of MySQL backups in enterprise-wide backup infrastructure

12/02/2009 — Zmanda Announces Virtual Backup Appliance

Company introduces Zmanda Backup Appliance, an easy to install, pre-configured virtual backup server; solution developed as part of the SUSE Appliance Program from Novell

10/21/2009 — Zmanda Announces Support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB) now supports Windows 7 data and system state backups; users can migrate data from XP and Vista to Windows 7 using ZCB.

08/12/2009 — Announcing ZCloud API: Connecting Storage Clouds to Backup Software

By enabling the ZCloud API, a storage cloud immediately becomes a potential destination of ever-growing eco-system of backup-to-cloud applications, including Amanda - the world's most popular open source backup project.

02/17/2009 — New Release: Amanda Enterprise 3.0

Zmanda Inc. is the first to offer disaster recovery to the cloud for leading enterprise applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus.

02/17/2009 — Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB) for Windows

Zmanda™ announced the general availability of Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB), a cost effective and easy-to-use solution for small-and-medium sized businesses (SMBs) that need data backup and disaster recovery for Microsoft Exchange and SQL Servers.

01/26/2009 — The Top 10 Data Protection Issues Facing IT Managers in 2009

Zmanda the leader in open source backup and recovery software, recently polled leading storage analysts to get their views on the top ten data protection challenges and trends facing companies in 2009.

12/10/2008 — Zmanda Partners with Sun to Launch Advanced Backup Solutions Based on OpenSolaris

Amanda Enterprise and Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL are fully supported and certified on the OpenSolaris 2008.11 platform.

10/13/2008 — Zmanda Introduces New Windows Backup Solutions

Open source backup leader improves MySQL backup and recovery; introduces new solution to backup Windows files and applications to Amazon S3

10/13/2008 — Zmanda First to Backup Windows File and Applications to Amazon S3

New Zmanda internet-based backup and recovery solution provides data and application protection for small and medium-sized businesses.

10/13/2008 —Zmanda Introduces Windows Edition of MySQL Backup and Recovery Solution

Latest version of company’s ZRM Enterprise for MySQL software extends backup and recovery protection to LAMP stack and popular MySQL-based applications.

09/16/2008 — “Q&A with Chander Kant: Open Source Backup and Data Protection” by Enterprise Systems

Data can be your company’s most valuable asset, but protecting it doesn’t have to break IT’s budget. Fortunately, open source alternatives exist.

September 2008 — In-Depth Software Review of ZRM for MySQL by Linux Journal (pdf)

In-Depth Software Review of ZRM for MySQL by Linux Journal Check out an in-depth review entitled “Simplifying Backups with Zmanda Recovery Manager: An easy-to-use yet comprehensive backup and recovery solution for MySQL databases is at the top of every DBA’s wish list.”

08/04/2008 — Amanda Named “Best of Open Source Storage Software” by InfoWorld

InfoWorld’s annual Best of Open Source Software awards (or Bossies, for short) celebrate the best products that open source has to offer. Amanda named the best open source backup software.

08/04/2008 — Zmanda CEO, Chander Kant, and vice president of engineering, Paddy Sreenivasan, to discuss open source backup and recovery with LinuxWorld attendees

Zmanda will deliver an introduction to the leading open source backup and recovery solution for Oracle databases in the Oracle Partner Pavilion located on the main exhibit floor.

08/04/2008 — Zmanda introduces open source backup and recovery software for Oracle® database and joins Oracle Unbreakable Linux Program

Zmanda’s main product Amanda Enterprise now supports Oracle® Database running on Oracle Enterprise Linux and is now part of the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Support Program.

07/16/2008 — Top 10 Storage Startups to Watch

The Byte and Switch staff presents its quarterly list of notable newbies. Included in the Top 10 Storage Startups to Watch is none other than Zmanda, Inc.

07/09/2008 — Remote Management of Backup and Recovery to Dramatically Improve With Zmanda Running on the 3G iPhone

The Apple 3G iPhone will make it much easier for system administrators and DBAs to respond quickly to backup and recovery requests using Zmanda´s simple and secure Web management console.

07/08/2008 — Zmanda Delivers Advanced Open Source Backup and Recovery Solution for Windows Desktops and Servers

Amanda Enterprise version 2.6.4 offers advanced protection for Windows files, Active Directory and hot backup of MS SQL Server and Exchange Server without disrupting user productivity.

06/27/2008 — Byte and Switch — Open Source Backup Bolsters Its Case

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion in the need for backup and data recovery. Open source backup is quickly gaining ground as one of the most important developments in backup and data recovery.

06/04/2008 — INFOSTOR — The new case for open source data protection

Open source data-protection products have made great steps forward. With the entry of Zmanda’'s Amanda Enterprise, SMEs now have a fully supported and documented open source data-protection option that has the backing and focus of a commercial company.

06/03/2008 — Zmanda Teams with NetApp to Deliver Highly Optimized Backup Solution for MySQL

Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL provides integration with NetApp Snapshot technology for highest level of data protection.

05/27/2008 — Amanda Backup Project, and Amanda Enterprise from Zmanda (in Japanese All-In-One Internet Magazine)

Profile of Amanda and Amanda Enterprise, the world’s most popular open source backup software, its advantages over proprietary software and availability in Japan.

05/12/2008 — Zmanda Featured as “Top 25 Emerging Technology Company” by The SmartTechie

With Zmanda Recovery Manager, MySQL database administrators can backup all MySQL servers running on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X.

05/08/2008 — Zmanda Delivers Innovative Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for MySQL

Zmanda’s CDP Solution Gives MySQL Database Administrators Instantaneous Point-in-Time Recovery for
a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional CDP Offerings.

04/16/2008 — Zmanda Named the “MySQL Partner of the Year”

Open Source Backup and Recovery Leader recognized for its High Value to MySQL Users.

04/14/2008 — Zmanda Presents Keynote and Sessions at MySQL Conference & Expo 2008

Zmanda CEO Chander Kant to Deliver Keynote on the Importance of Protecting Mission-Critical Data with Online Backup and Recovery.

03/18/2008 — Sun Microsystems Resells Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL

Sun partners with Zmanda to deliver comprehensive, global data backup and recovery solution for MySQL Enterprise subscribers worldwide.

02/28/2008 — Zmanda Launches First Hot Backup & Precision Recovery for MySQL

Enabling mission-critical MySQL backup with zero application downtime. Now available on Solaris 10.

02/05/2008 — eWeek Podcast Interview: Open Source Backup (

Chander Kant, CEO of Zmanda, talks about open source data protection and how it is important for enterprises.

02/04/2008 — Coverity certifies that Amanda passes Homeland Security test

Coverity, which creates automated source-code analysis tools, announced late Monday its first list of open source projects that have been certified as free of security defects.

01/9/2008 - Zmanda Launches Enterprise Data Backup and Archiving Solution for Amazon S3

Enterprise Users Can Now Use Zmanda to Harness Amazon S3 for a Complete Data Backup, Archiving and Disaster Recovery Solution.

01/8/2008 — Zmanda Delivers Enterprise-Class Open Source Backup & Recovery for
Solaris and Mac OS X

Backs Up Corporate Data on Solaris and Mac OS X for One-fifth the Cost of Proprietary Solutions.

11/15/07 — Zmanda Expands Relationship with Red Hat

Broader Range of Zmanda Products and Services Now Available Through Red Hat Exchange.

11/13/07 — Zmanda Delivers First Enterprise Backup Software for Ubuntu

Amanda Enterprise Backup & Recovery Solution Now Supports Popular Ubuntu Linux Distribution.

8/29/07 — Zmanda Launches First Enterprise-Class Open Format Backup Solution for Windows

Business-Ready Version of Amanda Upgraded with Microsoft Windows Client, Enhanced Security and 24x7 Technical Support.

7/25/07 — Zmanda Delivers Powerful New Way to Manage MySQL Backups

Zmanda's MySQL Backup and Recovery Solution Now Features Graphical Tools to Simplify the Process of Protecting MySQL Data.

4/24/07 — Zmanda Launches First Enterprise Data Backup Solution for MySQL Cluster

Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL Now Supports the Demanding Data Backup Requirements of High Availability Applications.

2/28/07 — Zmanda Delivers First Management Console for Amanda Backup Software

Zmanda Management Console (ZMC) and New Rapid Installer Ease Deployment and Management of Open Source Amanda in the Enterprise.

1/23/07 — Zmanda Launches European Partner Program

Company Expanding Market Reach to Address Demand for Open Source Backup Solutions in Europe

12/21/06 — California-based Zmanda Inc opens Pune center (Business Standard)

Zmanda announced the opening of its development center in Pune, India.

12/20/06 — Zmanda Recovery Manager Now Available on Ubuntu (News Forge)

Zmanda announced today that ZRM for MySQL is available on Ubuntu.

12/20/06 — Zmanda Opens Strategic Development Center in Pune, India

"We expect the Pune center to become Zmanda's development backbone."

12/20/06 — ZRM for MySQL is Now Available for Ubuntu

ZRM for MySQL now supports all major Linux distributions and provides new features to increase MySQL DBA productivity.

11/17/06 — How to Setup a Free Backup Solution for MySQL (

I’m sure you are already using a backup solution but if it costs you money, is too difficult to run or plain and simple you’re not deeply satisfied with it, then this article is for you.

11/17/06 — Interview with Paddy Sreenivasan from Zmanda (

"I recently got to speak to Paddy Sreenivasan...about what they do and why MySQL users should be jumping towards ZRM for MySQL for all their backup & recovery needs."

11/17/06 — MySQL’s Mickos: Open Source in the Enterprise (Earthweb)

Zmanda is working to close the gap between open source and storage.

10/26/06 — Zmanda Strives to Crack Open Backup (Byte and Switch)

Zmanda is working to close the gap between open source and storage.

9/28/06 — Say Hello to AMANDA... (Info World)

Bringing the low acquisition cost of open source applications to, say, storage management would be a welcome change for many companies.

9/27/06 — Storage Software Debuts (Network World)

Zmanda, the company that is commercializing the open source AMANDA backup software, announced this week its Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL.

9/25/06 — Zmanda Launches First Comprehensive Backup Solution for MySQL

ZRM for MySQL is an open source solution and includes a full set of backup and recovery tools in an integrated, easy-to-use and low-cost offering.

9/25/06 — Zmanda Launches First Comprehensive Backup Solution for MySQL (eWEEK)

ZRM for MySQL is an open source solution and includes a full set of backup and recovery tools in an integrated, easy-to-use and low-cost offering.

9/25/06 — Zmanda Launches First Comprehensive Backup Solution for MySQL (Other Things Now)

"Zmanda is leveraging their expertise to provide solutions that address data backup issues throughout the enterprise." - Joshua Greenbaum

9/25/06 — Coolest Software: Zmanda (Computer World)

Now that is investment protection that protects your data, not just the vendor's revenue stream.

9/18/06 — Cheap Revolutionaries (Forbes)

Some industry giants may fall to the ruthless price-cutting of high-tech upstarts. Investors should keep an eye out for what might take their place.

8/28/06 — Open Source Companies to Watch (Network World)

Open source software is a given in most enterprise data centers, so it’s not surprising to see the ranks of open source companies and projects swell. We've pulled out a few start-ups that you might not be familiar with, but we think should be on your radar.

8/21/06 — Open Source Projects Target Dispersed Storage Grids, Backup (eWEEK)

Zmanda executives said its Amanda Enterprise Edition backup software now supports the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 platform. In addition, the company was made a member of Novell’s Market Start channel program.

8/18/06 — Open Source Gaining Corporate Acceptance As Products Mature, Companies Are Taking Them Seriously (

Open Source software provides a number of options that are often as good, or better, than their commercial or retail competition.

8/16/06 — Impressions from Linux World (OSNews)

Zmanda extended its Amanda Backup enterprise support while it has been selected to join Novell’s Market Start program for innovative open source companies.

8/15/06 — Zmanda, Cleversafe debut open storage (Network World)

Two storage companies, Zmanda and Cleversafe, launched software and open source projects this week at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco.

8/15/06 — Zmanda Tapped for Novell's Market Start Program for Innovative Open Source Companies

Zmanda today announced that it has been selected to join Novell's Market Start program for innovative open source companies. Amanda Enterprise will now be available on SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 from Novell.

8/11/06 — Windows, Solaris get Zmanda open source backup (CNET)

Zmanda, a company that commercializes the open source Amanda backup software, has expanded its support from just Linux to Microsoft Windows and Sun Microsystems' Solaris.

8/10/06 — Zmanda Enhances Amanda Open Source Data Protection Software For Enterprise Use (Enterprise Open source Magazine)

Zmanda, pioneer in open source data protection, announced that its Amanda Enterprise Edition data protection software now supports all major corporate computing platforms.

8/10/06 — Zmanda Extends Amanda Enterprise Support

Zmanda announced today that its Amanda Enterprise Edition data protection software now supports all major corporate computing platforms.

7/31/06 — Zmanda: When Bad Things Happen to Good Amanda Backup Servers (

To comprehensively protect against data loss, a well-executed backup plan must provide coverage for all types of situations and your Amanda backup server itself must be easily recoverable.

7/31/06 — Free open source storage software attracts users (

Tens of thousands of users are deploying open source storage software in an effort to avoid pricey proprietary products such as array clustering and disk eraser applications and to get some long-term protection through the availability of source code.

7/13/06 — Data Protection for LAMP Applications (

This article examines how to use available open source tools to protect the LAMP application data.

6/12/06 — Jean-Baptiste Su of La Tribune interviews the CEO of Zmanda Inc. (France’s Business and Financial Daily)

Watch the video of CEO Chander Kant as he speak about Zmanda’s business model and product plans. More

6/5/06 — Enterprise Data Protection Goes Open Source (Open Enterprise Trends)

Enterprise IT managers concerned about costly or proprietary data backup and recovery now have an Open Source option.

5/10/06 — Zmanda Launches Zmanda Network (eChannel Line)

"This represents a new revenue opportunity for channel partners as well as a means to be more competitive and meet the growing customer demand for open source infrastructure solutions," said Ken Sims, vice president of business development and marketing, Zmanda Inc. More

5/1/06 — Open Source Backup Grows Up (Computerworld)

Having effective backups are a critical part of any business, but the open source community was for a long time ignored. More

4/28/06 — Mini Interview with Chander Kant of Zmanda (OSNews)

Zmanda introduced recently the first business-ready open source backup solution: the Zmanda Network is a suite of enterprise-ready software and services based on the popular Amanda open source data backup and recovery technology. Today we are very happy to feature a mini-interview with Zmanda’s CEO, Chander Kant. More

4/28/06 — Enterprise Backup Open Source Style (

With 20,000 global deployments as a part of every major Linux distribution, the Amanda project has provided an open source alternative to proprietary backup systems since 1991. But there has been no formal enterprise edition until now. More

4/26/06 — Zmanda Open Source Data Protection (Infoworld)

There is a huge market for storage products, backup and recovery, data protection and such. In the open source space, only Zmanda seems to be making any progress with the open source approach to this problem. More

4/26/06 — MySQL Opens Up its Database - Open Source Launching Pad (Red Herring)

The company’s rapid growth in the open source area is helping and encouraging many other open source startups to launch their companies.

4/26/06 — Storage Clips: Zmanda Debuts Open source Backup Software (

New startup Zmanda Inc. came out of stealth by launching its flagship offering: the Zmanda Network with Amanda Enterprise Edition software, based on the Amanda open source data backup and recovery software. More

4/25/06 — Zmanda Introduces First Business-Ready Open Source Solution for $8B Data Protection Market

The Zmanda Network is a suite of enterprise-ready software and services based on the popular Amanda open source data backup and recovery technology.   More

4/20/06 — MySQL to Announce Plug-In Plans and Database Upgrade (Information Week)

This weeks MySQL User Conference to detail forward looking strategy for MySQL and their partner community. More

3/25/06 — Amanda 2.5 - A major new release of the Open Source Backup Software

On March 23rd, 2006, the Amanda team released a major version (2.5) of the software. Overall the focus of the release is on security of the backup process & backed up data, scalability of the backup process and ease of installation & configuration of Amanda.   More

3/18/06 — Open Scrutiny of Open Source Code (Linux Today)

Last Monday, Coverity, in collaboration with Stanford University, announced the results of their analysis of software quality and security of 32 of the most critical and widely used open source projects in the world.   More

2/17/06 — Golden’s Rules: Oracle, VCs put froth on OSBC’s latte (

Take a beaker of open source entrepreneurs, stir in a scoop of venture capitalists (VCs), add a dash of intellectual property (IP) attorneys, drop in some end users wanting to understand open source better, mix well and you've got the just-concluded Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco.   More
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