Release Update: Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.7 Delivers Enhanced Continuous Data Protection

Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.7

Key Enhancements of Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.7 Include:

  • Onboard users quickly and easily with bulk user addition.
  • Stay informed with desktop application notifications for every vital event.
  • Restore your Windows User Settings across different devices to reduce downtime.
  • Granular control of data backup with backup templates.
  • Enhanced user education through easy-to-understand tutorials, quick guides, and resources.

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Broomfield, Colorado, October 2023

We are pleased to announce the latest version of our endpoint backup solution, Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.7. This release is designed to safeguard crucial endpoint data with enhanced security and wider compatibility, meeting the evolving needs of our customers.

Here’s what it offers:

Onboard Users Quickly and Easily with Bulk User Addition

The bulk user addition feature in Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.7 simplifies the onboarding procedure by allowing you to import multiple users and assign roles, licenses, and groups in a single operation. This saves you time on user account setup and configuration.

Stay Informed with Desktop Application Notifications for Every Vital Event

Experience the advantage of real-time Windows alerts in your desktop app, providing instant awareness of ransomware detections and backup events. This way, you can take quick action, ensure the security of your backups, and keep a vigilant eye on your organization.

Restore Your Windows User Settings Across Different Devices to Reduce Downtime

This feature enables seamless restoration of Windows User Settings to minimize downtime in the event of a failure or attack across different devices, streamlining the migration process and significantly reducing setup time and effort.

Granular Control of Data Backup with Backup Templates

You can control data backup at a granular level with backup templates, including bulk data management, to match your unique data requirements. You can easily add, edit, or delete individual inclusion and exclusion paths, fine-tuning your storage based on different User Groups in your organization.

Enhanced User Education Through Easy-To-Understand Tutorials, Quick Guides, and Resources

Your onboarding experience has been enhanced with role-specific tutorials, guides, and resources within the Sentinel management interface. With this improvement, users of all backgrounds can take full advantage of the backup and recovery system’s capabilities.

Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.7 provides refined, continuous data protection of Windows devices. In this update, we have simplified user addition, enhanced security, and in-experience education and guides. With customizable backup templates, we streamline data management, empowering organizations with an efficient, user-friendly, cost-effective experience.

Justin Gesso, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Zmanda

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For more insights on the latest features and enhancements, refer to the release notes and release blog.
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