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How to Protect Your Data from Cyber Threats with Zmanda

Data protection has become more critical than ever before. Cyber threats such as data breaches, ran...



Hybrid Cloud Backup and Recovery: Challenges and Opportunities

Data loss is a significant risk for businesses, and it can be costly. The longevity of a business d...

Backup Automation

The Benefits of Backup Automation: Saving Time and Resources for Your Enterprise

Enterprises generate vast amounts of data every day, making effective backup solutions essential fo...

zmanda endpoint backup

Introducing Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.6: Efficiently Manage Different Groups Across Your Organization

Zmanda Endpoint Backup 2.6 introduces User Groups functionality and various other customer-requeste...

zmanda endpoint backup portal

Zmanda Endpoint Backup Portal: The Easy Way to Manage Endpoint Backup for Managed Service Providers & Resellers

Key features of Zmanda Endpoint Backup Portal: Centralized subaccount and organization manageme...


Top 7 Trends in Open-Source Backup Solutions for Cost-Effective Data Protection

For businesses, safeguarding crucial data and ensuring uninterrupted operations rely heavily on bac...


Upgrade to Zmanda 5.0: Enhanced Enterprise Data Protection Solution

Scaling and managing backups can be both time-consuming and costly. At Zmanda, we regularly release...


5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Consider Cloud Backup Solutions

Small businesses (SMBs) often operate with limited resources, making it essential to have an effici...


Cloud Storage vs. On-Premises Backup: Which is Right for Your Enterprise?

Backup solutions are vital for businesses to protect their valuable data against loss or damage. As...

Zmanda's Security Best Practices for Comprehensive Data Protection

Protect Your Enterprise Data from Cyber Threats: Zmanda’s Security Best Practices for Comprehensive Data Protection

Data protection is crucial for organizations, and the loss of critical data can result in significa...

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