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Immutable Backups for AWS and Wasabi Cloud Storage | Zmanda

Immutable Backup for AWS and Wasabi Cloud Storage

Everyone who uses computers for work or entertainment has most likely come across the word ‘Ranso...


Zmanda 4.2 Release

Introducing Zmanda 4.2: A Revolutionary Backup & Recovery Solution for Your Enterprise

Key Features and Enhancements Zmanda 4.2 is here to make the enterprise backup facile and conven...

Checklist for Data Recovery Plan | Zmanda

Checklist for Testing the Disaster Recovery Plan

Testing leads to failure, and failure leads to understanding.  ~Burt Rutan A comprehensi...

Upgrade to Zmanda 4.1.3 | Data Backup

Upgrade to Zmanda 4.1.3: A Total Powerhouse for Your Enterprise Data Backup

At Zmanda, we tend to bring in major version upgrades to deliver the best enterprise data managemen...

Top Checklist for Enterprise Data Management 2020

Enterprise Data Management – The Optimal Checklist for 2022

What is Enterprise Data Management? An organization's data is vital to the entire enterprise. Enter...

Understanding Recovery Point Objective (RPO) In DR Planning

Understanding Recovery Point Objective (RPO) In DR Planning

What is Recovery Point Objective? RPO or Recovery Point Objective is defined as the maximum acce...

8 questions you need to ask before planning data backup strategy | Zmanda

8 Questions You Need to Ask Before Planning Data Backup Strategy

Modern business operations have quite a lot of data flow daily, and any amount of data loss can cau...

Zmanda 4.1.3

Introducing Zmanda 4.1.3: Power Plus Power for Your Enterprise Data Backup

Key Enhancements Zmanda 4.1.3 has many new features and enhancements that can ease your enterpri...

Amanda announcement on Zmanda

Zmanda Announces 3.5.2 Release of Amanda Community Edition

Zmanda is excited to announce the 3.5.2 release of its free open source data backup solution, ...

6 Big Revelations on Zmanda Backup and Data Replication Technology

6 Revelations on Zmanda’s Backup and Data Replication Technology for Business Continuity

Businesses are turning to data replication software as part of a backup recovery plan. No doubt,...

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