Enterprise backup
solution for advanced
data protection

Backup and recover your enterprise’s most critical assets with Zmanda Pro. Our backup solution combines extensive compatibility and top-tier features with economic efficiency.

#1 open source based backup solution

50% lower Cost of Ownership

2X industry average in customer satisfaction

Features that provide an
enterprise-grade defense

With a central console, and SaaS-based backup administration, manage backups and accessibility from anywhere—all with an easy-to-set-up configuration & zero admin overhead.
Minimize attack impacts by preserving your data in a secure, immutable vault, shielded from edits, deletions, or malicious attacks to provide data security.
Improve business continuity by achieving an RPO in under 1 hour, minimizing downtime through faster recovery of your data.
Data protected by Zmanda is always recoverable with no reliance on proprietary hardware or continual licensing.
Simple & straightforward pay-by-the-gig-pricing model with up to 50% total cost of ownership (TCO) savings.
Use client-side deduplication and forever incremental backup to exclude redundant copies of data and speed up backup processes.

Here’s why enterprises prefer Zmanda