Why Is It Essential for Businesses to Have Data Backup and Recovery Plan?

Every business generates data that helps them make profits in some way. The business data can be anything from customer orders and sales data to traffic statistics. Although organizations try to keep this data safe, it can be lost because of natural disasters, system crashes, cyber-attacks, ransomware, and human errors. This makes it vital to have an impenetrable data backup and recovery plan for your business.

Some businesses still feel that there is no need for data backup. Such organizations not only risk downtime and permanent data loss but also their revenue and customers. The size of the business does not matter when it comes to data. Your data is important, and therefore losing it can cause severe disruptions in the business.

6 Reasons to Have Data Backup and Recovery Plan

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Businesses lose money when data is lost or breached. As per Forbes, Crypto.com had a $35 million hack in January 2022. A data backup solution that is secure and safe can help the business run smoothly. You can have any data backup solution, like cloud or tape backup, depending on your business needs.

Let’s see why data backup should be mandatory for your business.

1. Technical Failures

Most businesses undertake paper-free transactions now, which means vital files and documents are stored virtually on computers. The data which is stored locally can be lost because of technical failures.

Some common issues experienced daily are that the computer failed mysteriously or the power flow has completely blown off the hard disk. Systems are bound to fail at some point in time which can lead to hiccups in business flows.  

If you and your customers rely on data, this can be bad news for both. In such scenarios, a good data backup solution can be beneficial. 

2. Human Errors

Sometimes, employees can make mistakes unknowingly while working. If an employee deletes the only copy of an important file from the local machine, the business can have unwanted implications.

There can be issues when a person modifies a file incorrectly. If the backup of that file is not available, there can be erroneous data in your systems. And this can result in incorrect output and results. Therefore, a data backup and recovery plan in place can help you avoid such human errors.

3. Brand Value at Risk

Whenever there is a data loss or cyber-attacks, businesses are likely to be exposed to public scrutiny. This can lead to a loss of brand value that can have a long-term detrimental effect on business

The most embarrassing moment you don't want to put yourself through is, explaining to your clients about losing all the valuable data without any excuses. Endangering customer data can bring business ignominy along with loss of revenue. A data backup strategy with a business continuity plan can save your brand and business.

4. Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are unpredictable and can have a long-lasting impact on businesses. Earthquakes, tornadoes, rains, floods, and fires can impact the organizations as well as their data.

A reliable data protection strategy can ensure your data is safe even in extreme conditions. Getting your hands on data after a natural disaster is a must to get the business running again.

The stable data backup and recovery strategy can help you get all the data safely after natural disasters. Along with data backup, the business continuity plan also plays a major role here.

5. Downtime Is No Fun

Any downtime will undoubtedly lead to loss. It causes production stoppages and unavailability of services to clients that can annoy and frustrate them. If you don’t have a good data recovery plan in place, you need to restore services from scratch, which is quite a waste of time and resources.

In 2019, Salesforce had an outage issue with its cloud service, which resulted in its shares going down by 3% (CNBC). Outages are not in our control directly, but having a better data backup and recovery solution can help you handle these situations better.

6. Cyber-Attacks, Hacks, and Theft

Your data is one of the important assets of your business. If your data is not backed up securely, attackers and hackers can get access to it easily. Data breaches and hacks can let down your loyal customers who trusted in your brand and business. 

Therefore, the data backup strategy should be good and secure to keep cyber-attacks and theft at bay.

Data Backup and Recovery With Zmanda

Well, having a robust data recovery plan in place will offer businesses peace of mind. You can have a scalable data backup and recovery solution for all your data management needs with Zmanda Enterprise.

Data loss can cost companies a lot in terms of revenue, reputation, and customers. You can boost your reputation, protect your data and information, and retain your credibility with the right data backup software.

Technology advancements demand cloud, tape, and hard drive backup for your data. There is also a need for vaulting when it comes to data backup. With all these features packed into one, Zmanda can be a perfect data backup and recovery software for you. You can request a demo and get started with your data backup journey with Zmanda.



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