Press Release – Zmanda 4.0.1 Adds 50+ Features and Optimizations


The new Zmanda 4.0.1 release adds popular features such as new reporting templates, seamless vaulting to tapes, extended support to the latest SUSE OS versions, and 50+ other optimizations allowing for a refined Zmanda 4.0 experience.

Release Announcement: Zmanda 4.0.1 Adds 50+ Features and Optimizations

[Broomfield, Colorado, May 2021]

The new Zmanda 4.0.1 release adds highly-requested capabilities, positioning Zmanda to be best equipped to handle complex enterprise backup requirements.

We have broadened support for tape backup, SUSE Linux, password management, and enhanced reporting templates. An additional 50+ optimizations ensure your experience on Zmanda 4.0 is more refined than ever.

What is new in Zmanda 4.0.1?

Tape Statistics and Retention Policy: Easily understand which backup sets are taking extensive resources, and use this insight for capacity planning to help you lower operating costs.

Broader SUSE Compatibility: Our support for SUSE has expanded to cover SUSE 15.2 and SUSE 12.5 as both backup servers and your critical workloads. More details available in Compatibility Matrix.

Detailed MTX Logs: Detailed MTX Logs are available for tape storage devices, giving admins visibility into the tape slots available, number of drives loaded, etc.

Improved Reporting Templates: Users can benefit from preset templates optimized for different scenarios, like learning about the status of client backups at a glance, detailed media performance metrics, etc.

View Backup Disk Details: From the restore screen, easily view the backup labels which will be used for recovery, alongside additional details such as the size of your backed up data and the percentage of disk space used for the backup label.

Easy Changing of Backup sets: If the backup run hasn't started, users can now change the backup media easily from the Edit Configuration Screen in Backup Sets.

Improved Warnings: Users can view the errors and warnings in real-time, raised by backups running in the background.

Central Password Resets: Server admins can now easily and securely reset admin passwords.

Optimizations: Zmanda 4.0 marked a leap in capabilities for Zmanda. Over 50 points of optimizations were discovered and implemented, allowing for a refined Zmanda 4.0 experience.

"Zmanda 4.0 brought exciting innovations to the Zmanda Backup Ecosystem. With our new minor release, we work to build upon the advances of 4.0 and build a strong user experience."

- Pavan Raj, Director

To learn if Zmanda would be a perfect solution for your backup requirements, our solution architects are always available to help. You can talk to our Solution Architects.

Why is Zmanda the world-leading open-source backup provider?

Zmanda is the world's leading provider of open-source backup and disaster recovery software. Our open-source development and distribution model enables us to deliver best-in-class software with Amanda Enterprise and Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL at a fraction of the cost of other vendors.

Zmanda contributes significant development resources to open-source data protection projects that share our vision. We also provide hardware, collaboration tools, and financial assistance to key developers in the open-source community.

About Zmanda

Zmanda, the world's leading provider of open-source enterprise backup and disaster recovery solutions, announced the new software release of Amanda Enterprise Backup Solution (AE) to protect your physical servers, virtual machines, applications, and databases.

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