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  • Proven Petabyte Scale Backups
  • Breakthrough Storage Architecture
  • Decentralized DR Orchestration
  • Industry Leading RTO

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Circle Check | Simple Amanda Enterprise Backup SoftwareSimple
Start small and go petabyte scale with Amanda Enterprise

Trusted and Reliable Amanda Enterprise Backup Tool | ZmandaReliable
Certified by US Homeland Security, & trusted by Government agencies

Flexible Amanda Enteprise Backup and Recovery Software | ZmandaFlexible
Hybrid Cloud ready, hardware agnostic, & supports wider workloads


Powering you for the years ahead

With our latest release, Amanda Enterprise takes a leap forward as from the start, we were obsessed with making it the most scalable backup and recovery solution ever. Amanda Enterprise was designed to orchestrate geographically distributed backup and recovery of Petabyte scale data. With new innovations in our foundations; like our rearchitected storage engine allows for exponentially lesser storage costs over time, also saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect PetaByte scale data.

Seamlessly coordinate globally distributed backup servers

Orchestrate distributed backup and recovery across Hybrid Cloud Platforms

Dramatically reduces your data management costs

Centralized License management, in just a few clicks

Powering You for the Years Ahead with Amanda Enterprise Backup | Zmanda

Extensively tested to adhere
to the highest standards

Protecting our consumer's data is a task we take seriously, and we pride ourselves on our QA processes. Our QA team led by Kiran goes to extreme lengths to ensure that every production release is smooth, reliable, and extensively tested assuring the highest possible code standards which results in Zmanda being a highly reliable backup and recovery offering.

Every Signature Matters

For Zmanda, quality assurance is a long-term play, because your satisfaction matters. We assess our own efforts to align stated goals with actual outcomes. Every sign off at every step matters.

Every Customer Matters

It doesn’t matter if it’s a once-in-a-lifetime issue. When you’re thinking about how to get it fixed, you just need to remember this: we do everything within our power to get your issues fixed, because you matter.

Module Level Testing

Every module in Zmanda is independently tested and scrutinized to meet its breaking point, helping delivering a product that works effortlessly.


Simplicity. Every Step of the way.

Zap | Fast & Efficient Problem Resolution | Zmanda

Focused and Intuitive

Our new management console brings in a layer of the most coveted simplicity, giving you maximum context to the task in question. Smart algorithms measure server health, backup run details, status checks on backup sets, and many more; making Zmanda 4.0 the smartest backup solution.

Globe | Backup Service Across the Globe Using Amanda Enterprise | Zmanda

Backups Across the Globe

Cluster architecture gives you the convenience to link Amanda Enterprise Backup Servers across the globe to one central console. It also offers unprecedented convenience while managing backups of 1000s of workloads across continents.

Fast-Forward | Streamline Licenses Of Amanda Enterpise Data Backup Software | Zmanda

Streamline Licenses

With our best release yet, you can manage any number of licenses across your globally distributed environments, through one license file. Amanda Enterprise also makes license deployments easy and seamless across all enterprise workloads, all through one click.

Lock | Improved Security for Data Backup | Zmanda

Improved Security

Our new communication architecture is built around TLS 1.2, allowing for a more secure end-to-end communication between your Backup servers and workloads. With Zmanda, you own your data every step of the way.

Intelligent Scheduler | Schedule Your Backup Using Amanda Enterprise | Zmanda

Intelligent Scheduler

Amanda Enterprise’s proprietary scheduler optimizes backup runs to make efficient use of network and storage infrastructure. This results in lesser congestion in IT Networks while delivering consistent backup runs.

Contact for Fast & Efficient Problem Resolution Of Backup and Recovery Issues | Zmanda

Fast & Efficient Problem Resolution

At Zmanda, we offer 24 x 7 service across all our offerings. Our technical staff is well equipped to help you solve your issues without causing overheads and avoiding unnecessary back-and-forths. There’s no waiting time, we’re just a call away.

What the experts say

The cost-effective nature of Amanda Enterprise has allowed us to implement a single common solution for enterprise-wide backup, while other solutions would have been price-prohibitive for our company in the current market climate


Steve Jackson, Systems Architect at Haas Cabinet
Haas Cabinet Logo | Zmanda Enterprise Data Backup and Recovery Solution

Simplifed Hybrid Cloud Support

Zmanda offers you unparalleled flexibility, performance, and ease of use across hybrid cloud configuration.


Storage Fabric Re-architected With Block-level Deduplication

Our storage fabric has been entirely re-architected bringing forth exciting innovations to the Zmanda eco-system. We pushed the limits of what was capable and through years of development, it now leverages file-level and block-level data deduplication. This is a game-changer for a lot of customers who store their data in the cloud, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect PetaByte scale data.

Seamless Data Encryption at Various Nodes

Data security is a cornerstone of Amanda Enterprise. We protect your proprietary information by encrypting it when it is in transit, storing it in an encrypted format on the destination target, and using secure tokens for decrypting all your confidential data. At Zmanda, we handle your data with industry-leading security.

Extended Across More Targets

With the inclusion of Amazon Glacier and Google Storage, you now have access to store their data across a host of mediums, ranging from long term tapes, on-prem NAS/SAN, to all major cloud providers. We go further for the better.

Globally Distributed Backup Orchestration

Amanda Enterprise is designed from the ground up to scale across geographies, hybrid cloud workloads, and support custom user backup policies. License Management is also redone helping you manage all active enterprise workloads, through one screen.

Reporting Made Better

Media reports provide a visual overview of media utilization and performance. This enables you to identify backup performance bottlenecks and provides for better capacity planning.

Help is a click away

You can choose our Standard or Premium level of support, made available to you with complete knowledge base access, email and phone support, case management, software enhancements and security updates. Please visit supported platforms to learn more.

For more information on Amanda Enterprise, please contact Zmanda Sales

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