Zmanda 4.0: The Ultimate Backup Experience

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Zmanda 4.0 brings a fresh new design, greater data storage efficiency, enhanced security, and improved license management. It is built upon Amanda Community, the most popular open-source backup and recovery solution for enterprises.

Every so often, products come along which help to define categories. Products that bring together the best of various industries to provide one meaningful experience to the user. Zmanda 4.0, a product leader in the backup and recovery segment strives to offer its customers industry-leading security, breakthrough performance, and proven reliability. It also continues to be one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

With our latest 4.0 release, one of the core priorities was to ensure that we reimagine the product to focus on making it easier to use and more powerful for modern IT teams. The outcome of our design efforts elevates Zmanda to a new level of power and simplicity. The 4.0 release builds on Zmanda’s reliability and Amanda Community's legacy while bringing new capabilities designed to improve your backup experience.

Refreshed Design - Focused and Intuitive

With the User Interface, we wished to do something bold. We wanted to reimagine how users interact with the solution to ensure they extracted the maximum context of the task they were completing, without switching between tabs. After months of design iterations and careful tweaking, the newer Zmanda Management Console brought in a layer of the most coveted simplicity. This reduces tab switching while ensuring users complete critical backup tasks significantly quicker. An example is illustrated in the new Overview section giving you a broad glimpse into the backup infrastructure.

Context-relevant information is sprinkled across the interface making it effortless for users to stay focused while deciding the next steps. Smart algorithms measure server health, backup run details, status checks on backup sets, and many more; making Zmanda 4.0 the smartest backup solution.

With the refined interface, Zmanda has also upgraded its capabilities around managing source workloads. Users will now have access to activate or deactivate backup runs for specific workload instances, right from the sources page. This gives users the fine-grained controls needed in managing backup runs across hundreds or even thousands of workloads, reducing significant storage costs.

Clusters - Simplicity at Scale

The biggest update made to Zmanda since its kick-off is the support for Distributed Clusters. This gives users the convenience to link Amanda Enterprise Backup Servers across the globe to one central console. The new update made also offers unprecedented convenience while managing backups of 1000s of machines across continents. At the same time, we also make sure we deliver the same reliable robustness users have come to expect from Zmanda during disaster scenarios. Zmanda’s Backup Engine also outperforms other backup solutions through its native code architectures and offers near-real-time RPO for workloads running on VMWare instances.

This combination of Zmanda's Backup Engine allowing for near-real-time backup clubbed with the convenience of managing backup sets seamlessly across the globe, Zmanda 4.0 delivers the best backup and recovery experience yet.

Storage Fabric Rearchitected With Block-level Deduplication

Our storage fabric has been entirely rearchitected bringing forth exciting innovations to the Zmanda eco-system. We pushed the limits of what was capable and through years of development, our storage fabric now leverages file-level and block-level deduplication. This is a game-changer for a lot of customers who store their data in the cloud, and can now save hundreds of thousands of dollars for even Petabyte scale backups.

And with the inclusion of Amazon Glacier, Google Storage, and with Azure coming soon, users can now store their data across a host of mediums, ranging from long term tapes, on-prem NAS/SAN, to all major cloud providers. Zmanda 4.0 elevates your backup experience.

Workloads - More Seamless Backup Experience

Linux is the blood and DNA of Zmanda. We take pride in the fact that we have the most extensive support for Linux

We now support the latest versions of CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, SUSE, alongside newer generations of Databases, VMs, and Hypervisors. This gives you the flexibility to run applications in the environments you need. Link to Compatibility Matrix.

Zmanda’s support for hybrid cloud environments has also been consistently expanding to deliver new capabilities through improved security, helping enterprises of all sizes create, deploy, and control applications with speed and ease. With the new addition of AWS Glacier and Google Cloud Storage, long term archiving of decades of data is made simple. Wider support for workloads clubbed with innovations in our deduplication storage fabric, gives users the freedom to choose the environment of their choice while delivering a seamless backup and recovery experience.

4.0 - Secure By Design

Data security has been the cornerstone of Zmanda and with 4.0, we expand on its industry-leading security architecture. We protect your proprietary information by encrypting it when it is in transit, storing it in an encrypted format on the destination target, and using secure tokens for encrypting and decrypting all your confidential data.

Our new communication architecture is built around TLS 1.2, allowing for a more secure end-to-end communication between your Backup servers and workloads. No one except you has access to the data being backed up or recovered. We have also put a lot of care while designing Zmanda 4.0 to make sure you do not have to compromise on your data security while having multiple offsite data stores.

Simplicity. Every Step of the Way.

During the new release, scalability was a critical aspect. Zmanda 4.0 was designed from the ground up to scale across geographies, across workloads, and support custom user backup policies. With our best release yet, Zmanda 4.0 also makes license deployments easy and seamless across all enterprise workloads, all through one click.

A Change That Matters

Zmanda delivers a refined backup experience. It’s a long way to go before we are finished with many more futuristic features in our pipeline. Do take a demo of Zmanda 4.0 or request a free trial to learn the pace of our new release. Bidding farewell from the newsroom and we hope you experience the Zmanda ecosystem, where we make backup simple.

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