Introducing Zmanda 4.3: Backup and Beyond

Zmanda 4.3 | RMAN| BETSOL |

Key Enhancements:

Zmanda 4.3 is the latest release with new features that enhance your backup and recovery experience. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what’s new.

  • RMAN triggered Oracle backups
  • Wider compatibility with support for newer versions of operating systems and databases


We know that protecting and preserving your data is crucial for continued success in the business cosmos. Managing data backup and data recovery in today’s complex IT environments is increasingly difficult for IT teams and organizations of any size. And we tried to utilize the best of our resources to provide you the cutting-edge improvements to eradicate these concerning issues.

We have listened to your feedback and have worked on it to ensure that this update will take you on a powerful backup journey. We have added enhancements that will give you control over your backups, ensuring that your data is always safe and secure.

We’re pleased to announce that Zmanda 4.3 brings you features for the containerized Zmanda that will make your backup game impeccable. With RMAN triggered backup for on-demand backups and newer versions of operating systems offering wider compatibility, Zmanda 4.3 is more secure, versatile, scalable, and reliable than ever.

Let us walk you through the advancements and the new features of Zmanda 4.3:

RMAN Triggered Oracle Backups to Streamline Administration

To meet the needs of our customers, we added the capability to initiate backups from the client side in Zmanda 4.3 release. This was achieved by the integration of the RMAN-triggered Oracle backups feature.

With this newly introduced feature, the Oracle database backups can be triggered from client servers using RMAN (Recovery Manager) commands. Database administrators can take backups in an organization without having to log in to Zmanda Management Console(ZMC), thus making the backup process more convenient.

Also, this implementation allows users who are not familiar with ZMC interface to still successfully take backups when required. As promised, Zmanda ensures there is no compromise on your backups under any situation.

RMAN | Oracle | Zmanda

Extended Compatibility for New Versions of Operating Systems

Our previous release Zmanda 4.2 extended the compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9, Rocky Linux 9, Debian 11, and Windows 11 OS which helped the users run efficient workloads. Zmanda thrives to keep you on top of everything. Thus, we’ve got you covered like a thick ozone shield above.

Zmanda 4.3 now works seamlessly with these popular distributions, enabling you to undertake backups with zero complications.

  • Enterprise Linux 7,8,9
  • Fedora 36,37
  • Debian 10,11
  • Ubuntu 16.04,18.04,20.04,22.04

So, if you are on any of these operating systems, leverage Zmanda 4.3 for your data backups and recovery solutions right now. Also, Check out Zmanda’s expanded flexibility on the compatibility matrix to know more.

Zmanda 4.3 is Here!

Zmanda has achieved record efficiency in every quarterly release, proving robust in capability while remaining accessible.

In the next Zmanda release, our disaster recovery features will be receiving fine tuning along with some upgrades. We have also taken it upon ourselves to find the best managed cloud storage. This will enhance your enterprise data protection experience.

To know more about this release, please check out the release notes. If you are in the middle of the Zmanda installation, you can refer to our detailed installation guide for help. And if you have any questions or when you’re thinking about getting something fixed, you can raise a ticket in your Network Zmanda Portal.

All in all, we are confident that Zmanda 4.3 will take your productivity to new heights and help you achieve your enterprise data protection goals more efficiently.


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