Press Release: Zmanda Announces Partnership with ABYRES

Press Release: Zmanda Announces Partnership with ABYRES

Zmanda announces a new strategic partnership with ABYRES, a leading Enterprise Open Source Solution Provider, focused on delivering reliable open-source backup that has been proven to save tens of thousands of dollars in backup costs.

This partnership will benefit the open-source community while allowing more opportunities to the Zmanda customer base in Malaysia. It will be easier for customers to take advantage of the benefits associated with open-source backup software like; open formats, support, and security. It will also help to create more opportunities for accessibility.

“Together, Abyres and Zmanda have been helping enterprises and government sectors with Open Source based Backup & Recovery platforms for more than a decade now.”

 – Abyres Leadership Team

While Zmanda’s goal through this partnership is to be more accessible to enterprise consumers in the Malaysian markets, they also want to make it easier for government and higher education agencies to utilize the benefits of open-source software.  By expanding the partnership program with Abyres, Zmanda will be able to serve these industries with top-rated support and services.

“We are very happy to partner with Abyres, which has been a market leader in South East Asia for more than 20 years. Together we would like to help reduce the backup costs for our enterprise customers and provide the local support to help navigate obstacles. We are looking to building upon this partnership” – Pavan Raj, Zmanda team

About Zmanda, The Leader in Open Source Backup:  

Zmanda is the world’s leading provider of open source backup and recovery software. Our open source development and distribution model enables us to deliver the highest quality backup software such as Amanda Enterprise and Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL at a fraction of the cost of software from proprietary vendors. Our simple-to-use yet feature-rich backup software is complemented by top-notch services and support expected by enterprise customers.

Zmanda’s innovations include technology to backup data from live applications and databases directly to a storage cloud. Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB) backs up a Windows server and live applications such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server to Amazon S3 — a highly dependable and scalable online storage.

Zmanda contributes significant development resources to open source data protection projects that share our vision. We also provide hardware, collaboration tools and financial assistance to key developers in the open-source community.


ABYRES is an MSC status and ISO certified, leading Enterprise Open Source solution provider. Operated since 1997, ABYRES has since established its position as the Trusted Advisor and the Open Source Technology Partner with the large Enterprise Clients and Public Sector clients. ABYRES brings extensive experience, valuable innovation and value to our clients in the areas of Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing & Software Engineering enhanced by Modernization, R&D, Training and Consulting Services.


To learn more about Zmanda’s Partnership Program click here.

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