Zmanda Partners With Amernet to Provide Exceptional Cloud Backup Services

Zmanda and Amernet Partnership

Zmanda, a BETSOL company that provides industry-leading open-source backup and recovery software, is pleased to announce its partnership with Amernet, a Unified Communications firm providing exceptional services in voice & video, cloud space, and broadband domains.

Zmanda’s proven expertise in backup and recovery solutions can fit right in with Amernet’s superior cloud-based services to offer customers just what they need for their cloud servers.  

With Zmanda and Amernet joining forces, the data in your cloud backup can be safer and more secure. Thus, you can concentrate on your work and leave outages on Amernet cloud backup services. 

We are pleased to have Amernet as Zmanda’s partner. Our certified backup and recovery solution tailor-made for government customers when combined with Amernet’s phenomenal cloud services can provide a secure environment for your data and safeguard your business from unexpected downtime.

Pavan Raj | Director of Corporate Development at Zmanda | BETSOL

Zmanda’s outrageous backup and recovery processes when merged with Amernet’s custom-made cloud services can help all types of businesses achieve high availability of data, business continuity during unexpected outages, and data protection.

To explore more about Zmanda’s partner benefits, check out our partner programs or write us at or  

About Zmanda

Zmanda, a BETSOL company, is an award-winning world’s leading provider of open-source backup and recovery software. Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, Zmanda has protected over 1 million servers and served customers in 40+ countries since 1991.

Coupled with enterprise-grade backup and recovery capabilities of petabytes of data, Zmanda provides the most comprehensive and flexible solutions for your backup environments. To learn more, please visit

About Amernet

Amernet, established in 1995, is a tenured Unified Communications firm in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District. Their Internet Cloud-based services include state-of-the-art Hosted PBX/VoIP, very high-speed Internet connectivity, Virtual eFax, Cloud Hosting, Video Web and Audio Conferencing services, and much more.

For nearly twenty years, Amernet has successfully served Financial, Legal, Medical, Property Management, and other SMB business owners. To learn more, please visit

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