Zmanda, a BETSOL company, and OpenDrives Partner to Provide a One-Stop Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solution  

OpenDrives Zmanda Partnership
  • On-storage containerization reduces unnecessary hardware investment and space
  • Highly performant 15 Gb/s throughput rates bring enterprises back online faster
  • Open protocols and APIs power streamlined enterprise storage, backup, and recovery

BROOMFIELD and LOS ANGELES – August 19, 2022 – Zmanda, a BETSOL company that provides industry-leading open source backup and recovery software, and OpenDrives, the global provider of enterprise-scale, software-powered storage solutions, announced a partnership today. They are set to introduce a container-native enterprise backup and recovery (EBR) that is highly performant, scalable, and cost-effective.

The joint solution integrates Zmanda’s Enterprise EBR software with OpenDrives enterprise storage platform to provide on-storage containerization that brings EBR software closer to the backed-up and archived data. This functionality powers highly performant throughput rates at 15 Gb/s to significantly cut recovery time in the event of a system failure, outage, or ransomware attack while also eliminating the need for additional hardware investment.

“We are excited to partner with OpenDrives, as our shared vision for ‘open’ software development allows us to future-proof and centralize our solutions,” said Pavan Raj, Director of Corporate Development at Zmanda, a BETSOL company. “Our government-certified EBR software provides an unshakable foundation, and when it’s linked to OpenDrives’ storage, we are able to provide multilayered protection within a streamlined system.”

By merging OpenDrives’ software-led, open and agnostic approach to data storage with Zmanda enterprise software, the all-in-one solution creates efficiencies in setup, deployment, and maintenance. It also features net-new capabilities, such as intelligent scheduling for automated backup support, to reduce operational overhead and inadvertent human error.

“Container-native EBR provides a cost-effective way to run this critical workflow at scale,” said Sean Lee, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer at OpenDrives. “For enterprise organizations, the sheer volume of data moving within backup and restore procedures demands high-performance–partnering with Zmanda allows us to accelerate both throughput speeds and deployment.”

Features of Zmanda and OpenDrives Joint EBR Solution

  • On-storage EBR software that is containerized for increased performance
  • Immutable snapshots to shorten recovery time in case of ransomware attacks
  • Intelligent, touch-free scheduling for quicker backup and recovery support
  • All-inclusive licensing model and centralized customer support
  • Cost-effective EBR functionality to reduce added hardware investment
  • Legacy service for current clients and hosts, including those running on Solaris
  • Intuitive UI with clear terminology for admin functions to reduce training time
  • Turnkey EBR solution that scales to any enterprise data environment

“Our IT infrastructure was purpose-built to evolve with customer scale-up and scale-out needs. Now, we’re scaling these principles for enterprise,” added Craig Alger, Senior Account Executive, Eastern Region and Global, at OpenDrives. “EBR workflows are mission-critical: the ability to tailor the solution to a customer’s unique data environment optimizes performance when minutes matter.”

To explore Zmanda and OpenDrive’s next-generation EBR solution for your company, email [email protected] or [email protected]. To download the solutions brief, visit

About Zmanda

Zmanda, a BETSOL company, is an award-winning world’s leading provider of open source backup and recovery software. Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, Zmanda has protected over 1 million servers and served customers in 40+ countries since 1991.

Coupled with enterprise-grade backup and recovery capabilities of petabytes of data, Zmanda provides the most comprehensive and flexible solutions for containers that secure your on-premises and hybrid-cloud environments. To learn more, visit

About OpenDrives 

OpenDrives, Inc. is a global provider of enterprise-scale, software-led storage solutions. Powered by the Open Ecosystem, with Atlas software at its core, OpenDrives delivers flexible, modular, and scalable solutions that match individual performance needs, on-premises and into the cloud. OpenDrives is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. To learn more, visit

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