Zmanda Makes Enterprise Backup Affordable with 4.0 Software Release


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It brings new enhancements to security, data deduplication, centralized multi-site cluster management, Azure storage support, and AWS Glacier storage with archival rules.

Zmanda, a leader in open source enterprise backup solutions, announced that a new software release will be available in the Spring of 2020. In the upcoming release, Zmanda has made security, reliability, and affordability its key focus. The 4.0 release will mean that IT teams no longer have to choose between affordability and feature-rich backup solutions. Zmanda brings you both.

Zmanda has been a trusted and reliable backup solution over the last decade. It is designed to help IT teams create flexible, yet scalable backup policies for their IT environments.

What to Expect in the New Release?

  • Centralized Management of Multi-Site Backup Servers
  • Azure Storage Support
  • Data De-Duplication
  • AWS Glacier Lifecycle Policies Support
  • Data Archival Rules
  • File Level Backups and Restore for VMWare
  • Backup Servers High Availability
  • Centralized License Management
  • Hybrid Environments Support
  • Containerized Backup Appliances
  • Custom User Roles
  • Event-Based Email Notifications
  • Unicode Character Support in ZMC
  • Updated Security Protocols

The new release extends the support to newer versions of OS clients, applications, databases, and virtual machines. IT teams will also be able to implement Zmanda in hybrid environments [cloud and on prem] with new cloud storage options and cluster support.

“With centralized management for multi-site deployments and features such as Data De-duplication, Zmanda 4.0 adds a host of features that makes Data management a breeze for Enterprise customers.” - Ashok Reddy, CEO

For many IT teams, enterprise backup has become a labor-intensive and expensive necessity. With ever-changing storage trends, teams need one solution that can keep up with both legacy and cutting-edge storage.

“We are super excited to see this release come to life. It will empower IT teams to be in compliance with ever-changing data security needs. We are adding more capabilities for the users by providing new storage options and supporting hybrid environments." - Pavan Raj, Director

In addition, IT teams will have a redesigned user interface to make backup scheduling easy to set up, saving time for administrators.

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Zmanda is the world’s leading provider of open source backup and recovery software. Our open source development and distribution model enables us to deliver best-in-class back up software through Amanda Enterprise and Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL at a fraction of the cost of software from proprietary vendors.

Zmanda contributes significant development resources to open source data protection projects that share our vision. We also provide hardware, collaboration tools, and financial assistance to key developers in the open-source community.

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