Zmanda Signs Data Management Deal With Australia’s #1 Truck Manufacturer

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Zmanda Signs Data Management Deal With Australia’s #1 Truck Manufacturer

Zmanda is pleased to announce a data backup and recovery deal with Australia’s top heavy trucking company. To avoid extremely costly delays, the trucking Industry focuses on distributed backups, accessibility of data, limited downtime, robust security, and cost-effectiveness. Combined, these factors help to enable rapid recovery in case of unplanned business disruptions. Zmanda meets these requirements with its enterprise-grade backup and recovery solution.

Keys to Zmanda’s Success in Building Trust with the Trucking Industry


Zmanda’s core competency is in robust tape backup and archival, which allows for local administration, cost-effective storage, and simple execution of 3-2-1 backup strategies for trucking companies. This helps avoid unplanned slowdowns in manufacturing and logistics.

Hybrid Cloud Backups

Increasingly, more manufacturing floor-generated data is stored and processed in the cloud environment. Zmanda seamlessly integrates with Amazon Web ServicesGoogle Cloud PlatformMicrosoft Azure, and many more cloud platforms, helping manufacturers and fleets to back their data up to cloud platforms.


Zmanda allows for long-term vaulting of backups via tape, local, and cloud targets. This aids in complying with regulatory requirements while also optimizing costs.


Start small and grow efficiently without disruptive upgrades with a pay-as-you-go subscription.

Learn More About Zmanda Enterprise Data Protection

Protecting enterprise data for customers in 40+ countries since 1991, Zmanda backs up data from your databases, servers, applications, and VMs. Zmanda’s disaster recovery capabilities span on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments.

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