ZRM for MySql & MariaDB Enteprise Edition

ZRM Enteprise Edition

Comprehensive & Secure Protection for your MySql & MariaDB Databases with ZRM!

  • Flexible Backups
  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Incremental Backups
  • Reporting & Scheduling Capabilities

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Flexible Recovery

Flexible Backups

ZRM for MySQL & MariaDB optimizes backup and restore operations on MySQL/ MariaDB Databases. It provides full flexibility to individually leverage native MySQL/OS backup tools, levels, scheduling, etc. It activates Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to enable instantaneous point-in-time recovery.

Continuous Data Protection

Continuous Data Protection

ZRM is designed for fast and scalable Backups of Large Databases. Deep integration between ZRM, underlying storage, and MySQL & MariaDB binary logs enables you to perform highly efficient CDP with almost instantaneous point-in-time recovery.

Backup Scheduling | Customized Solutions | Zmanda

Incremental Backups (based on MySQL & MariaDB Binary Logs)

ZRM integrates various full backup methods with incremental backups using MySQL & MariaDB Binary Logs. This allows you to take very frequent backups (e.g. hourly) as well as do a point-in-time restore between any two backups.

No Proprietary Formats

Reporting & Scheduling Capabilities

ZRM for MySQL & MariaDB can schedule backup runs immediately or in daily/weekly/monthly intervals (even every 15 minutes). It automatically generates backup reports which include standard and custom backup reports.

Snapshots for Backup

Storage Snapshot support for Full Backups

ZRM allows you to perform a hot backup of live MySQL & MariaDB by taking advantage of Linux LVM, Microsoft VSS, Solaris ZFS, Symantec VxFS, NetApp SnapManager, and EMC SnapView technologies.

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Non-Blocking Backups

ZRM for MySql and MariaDB provides support for non-blocking backups of MySQL using Percona XtraBackup and for MariaDB using MariaBackup. Percona XtraBackup and MariaBackup based backups allow table-level recovery even though the backup was done at the database level.

Snapshot Plugin

ZRM for MySQL & MariaDB can be licensed to use various 3rd party snapshots and storage checkpoint mechanisms to acquire a quiescent, consistent copy of the MySQL database while minimizing application downtime. Unlike other backup methods, snapshots and storage checkpoints scale well; they do not increase the backup window as databases grow.

Because snapshot and storage checkpoint mechanisms are faster than backups to other media, this reduces the time that database tables must be locked. These technologies create a consistent copy of the MySQL database with little impact on MySQL applications and thus scale well as databases grow. If the MySQL databases or tables use only transactional storage engines such as InnoDB, the time the application is locked is further reduced.

While taking snapshots of databases or tables that use non-transactional storage engines such as MyISAM, ZRM for MySQL & MariaDB flushes the database pages to the disk and obtains a read lock on the database(s) / table(s). The read lock is held only for a moment. File system I/O is stopped before taking a snapshot when the database resides on the file systems that support freeze/thaw operations such as XFS, VxFS (Veritas file systems).

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Frequently Asked Questions

With ZRM, you can seamlessly backup MySQL database. ZRM skillfully integrates various full and incremental backups using MySQL & MariaDB Binary Logs. This downright enables you to take very frequent backups as well as do a point-in-time MySQL backup and restore between any two backups. With ZRM, place your MySQL backup and restore first to make it last.

After you have purchased a base license and any feature licenses (such as a snapshot license), the Zmanda Network Downloads page will include an option to download a license file (zmanda_license). On Linux/Solaris ZRM servers, download the license file to the /etc/zmanda directory, then make sure that the file permissions are set to 644 and that the owner is root. On Windows ZRM servers, download the file to ZRM_installation_dir\etc\zmanda as the Administrator. 

  • Install the EBS snapshot license on the ZRM server. You will have to download the license file from Zmanda network and copy it to /etc/zmanda directory.

  • Choose the Amazon EC2 instance's private DNS name as the host name for the MySQL server in the Backup|What page. For example: domU-12-31-39-06-70-22.compute-1.internal

  • Select Snapshot Type as Amazon EBS in the Snapshot Type drop down box after selecting Backup Method in the Backup How page.

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Yes, Zmanda production support team is available 24 x 7 over both phone and email. You can choose our Standard or Premium level of support, made available to you with complete knowledge base access, email and phone support, case management, software enhancements and security updates. Please visit- contact support to get in touch with our support team.